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In ‘Mann Ki Baat’ PM Modi mentioned about the environment and Gouraya, read what said

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Earlier Sparrow used to chirp on the walls of our houses, on the surrounding trees, but now people remember the sparrow saying that last time, years ago, saw the sparrow. was.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (File Photo)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed the people of the country through his monthly radio program Mann Ki Baat. During this time the PM said, “I thank you very much that you have followed ‘Mann Ki Baat’ with such a fine eye and you have been connected. This is a matter of great pride for me, it is a matter of enjoyment. Today, at the time of this 75th episode, I would like to express my gratitude to every listener for making ‘Mann Ki Baat’ a success, for enriching and for staying connected with it. “

This year it was the third edition of Mann Ki Baat and was the 75th episode of the monthly radio program. It was streamed live on AIR, DD News, PMO and YouTube channels of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. In today’s ‘Mann ki Baat’ program, PM Modi mentioned Sparrow, through which he stressed on making efforts towards saving him and the environment. For this, he has also given some inspiring examples like every time, in which people are told who are making many big efforts to save nature and sparrow.

“Today we have to make efforts to save the sparrow”

PM Modi said, “World Sparrow Day was celebrated just a few days ago. Somewhere it is called chakali, somewhere it is called chimney, somewhere it is called ghan chirika. Sparrows used to chirp on the walls of our houses, on the surrounding trees, but now people remember the sparrow saying that last time, years ago, they had seen the sparrow. Today we have to make efforts to save it. “

Giving the example of a man trying to save the sparrow, he said, “One of my Banaras colleagues Indrapal Singh Batra has done such a thing, which I want to tell the listeners of ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Batra has made his house the sparrow of sparrow. They have built such wooden nests in their house, in which sparrows can live easily. Today many houses of Benaras are joining this campaign. It has also created a wonderful natural environment in the houses. I would like that we should also try more or less for nature, environment, animals, birds, for whom it can be made. ”

“One man erected 25 acres of mangrove forest”

PM Modi told about another such person and said, “One fellow is Vijay Kumar. Vijay ji hails from Kendrapada in Odisha. Kendrapara is by the sea, so there are many villages in this district, which are prone to high sea waves and cyclones. It also has to suffer a lot of damage at times. Vijay ji felt that if anyone can stop this natural catastrophe, then it is nature itself. What was it then, Vijay ji started his mission from Bada Kot village. He worked hard for 12 years, fellows 12 years, and built a 25-acre mangrove forest on the sea side outside the village, and today this forest is protecting this village. “

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