In just 10 days, 30 to 62 thousand… Witness figures, second wave of corona is more dangerous than first

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Coronavirus cases are continuously increasing in India. It is believed that the second wave of corona is more dangerous. In just 10 days, 30 to 62 thousand cases have been reached.

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The number of corona cases in India is continuously increasing. The biggest concern of the second wave of infection is that the cases of corona are increasing rapidly. More than 62,000 positive cases were reported in the country on the previous day. Just ten days ago, this daily number of cases was less than 30,000.

Six times, it took 23 days for India to go from 30,000 cases to 60,000 a day. In July and August last year, there were high numbers of susceptible people who could be infected. After infecting a significant proportion of the population, the spread of the epidemic is expected to slow down. It is believed that even after 30 or 40 percent of the population is infected, its outbreak can be reduced.

Corona cases rise in Punjab too

The rate at which new infections are being detected, it seems that by September the real danger will be overcome. So far, the second wave has been mainly driven by Maharashtra. Gujarat and Punjab also saw an increase in cases in the past.

The danger of corona in these states

States like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are witnessing a spurt in corona cases right now. Apart from Maharashtra and Kerala, the two states that have registered more than 10,000 cases in a single day are Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The peak of Tamil Nadu is at 7,000. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have started reporting about 2,000 cases in a single day due to less than 500 in February. Andhra Pradesh, whose daily count fell to double digits in the first week of February, is now coming to 1,000 cases a day.

Corona’s influence lessened in these three states

Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, three of the country’s top five populous states, still remain largely unaffected by the second wave, although they have no special immunity against the epidemic. While Bihar and West Bengal had increased by about 4,000 last time, Uttar Pradesh had registered more than 7,000 cases in a single day in September. The election season is going on in West Bengal and Assam, in which large crowds are participating in political rallies.

More than 60 percent of corona cases in Maharashtra

Maharashtra also accounts for more than 60 percent of Corona’s active cases in the country. At present, there are more than 2.83 lakh active patients in the state. Last year, the state saw up to 3.01 lakh before active cases started declining. The active case count was reduced to 30,000 in February. There has been a ten-fold increase in active cases in just 43 days. Last time, it took more than 110 days for active cases in Maharashtra to grow from 30,000 to three lakh.

The second wave of Corona will not end soon

According to the information, the second wave of corona virus is not likely to end soon. The second wave is expected to last longer than the first. It is also possible that different states may peak at different times. Which has already happened. A large number of such cases were reported in Kerala, when the corona cases were not coming to the rest of the country and when the cases started increasing again in Maharashtra, the cases started coming down in Kerala.

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Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni
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