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If you want to pay electricity bill in half, then follow these 5 tips, will save money

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Use electric efficiency devices to reduce electricity bills. Also, do not use AC or other things without servicing.

Ways to reduce electricity bills

As soon as summer comes, electronic appliances like fans, coolers, AC and fridges start running, due to which the consumption of electricity increases rapidly. This not only increases the load, but the budget can also be disturbed by using more electricity. Because the more electricity you use, the more you will also have to pay the bill. If you want to avoid this problem, then you can follow some tips. This will easily reduce the electricity bill.

AC without running servicing

In summer, the use of air conditioner (AC) in the houses is a common thing. But the electricity bill comes more from AC. Since compression is on, it draws power rapidly. So do not use AC without servicing. If the filter is bad, replace it immediately because the old and poorly filtered AC will consume more power. Also try not to use 5 to 6 year old AC. Because such ACs are based on old technology and they eat more electricity. Whereas by using AC of the new technology present in the market, you can reduce the power consumption by about 15 to 20 percent.

Inverter AC is a better option

Although there are many types of ACs available in the market, inverter ACs consume the lowest amount of electricity. They are made from high technology. Although these are a bit more expensive than other ACs, you can buy them to reduce future expenses. According to experts, the AC running from the inverter uses only 0.91 units in an hour. In addition, when purchasing AC, only purchase the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) model, they reduce power consumption.


To save electricity, use LED instead of bulbs and tube lights. A 5-watt LED (LED) lights 20 to 25 watt CFLs, while it reduces power consumption by less than half. Apart from this, it also has a longer life.

Use the fridge smartly

Food spoils quickly during the summer days, so people use the fridge evenly. Apart from this, fridge runs throughout the day to drink cold water too. Therefore, about 15 percent electricity bill depends on it. Many times people inadvertently make such mistakes while using it, due to which electricity consumption starts to increase. According to experts, if the fridge is kept close to the wall, then it draws more power because it generates heat. So try to keep the fridge at a distance of 2 inches from the wall. Also, do not keep the fridge in direct sunlight. Because the fridge uses more electricity to increase cooling, do not store more stuff in the fridge because more energy is required for cooling in the filled fridge.

Use solar panel

Nowadays the use of solar panels has increased considerably. In this, many facilities are also being provided by the government. So in the summer you can save electricity by installing solar panels. With this you can burn the fan and light. The higher your power consumption, the more watt solar panels you can install accordingly.

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