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“If there is no bed, then give an injection and kill it”, seeing the father suffering in an ambulance, the helpless son’s pain

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How is the second wave of Corona wreaking havoc across the country. There is no hiding from anyone. There are crowds outside the hospitals, Shamsham ghats are being suppressed by the burden of corpses, migrant laborers have started migrating, even the wood is running low to run the dead. . Shocking pictures are coming out from different states. In this sequence, a painful picture came out of Maharashtra.

Sagar Kishore, who lives here, went to several hospitals in Maharashtra and Telangana for treatment of his father battling the corona, but it did not help him. Sagar also went to Chandrapur, 850 km from Mumbai, with his father, but his father could not get treatment there too. In the end, Sagar had to say even to despair that either give my father a bed or give him an injection and kill him.

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Doctor-Doctor kept screaming, no help came


A similar picture came out of Hazaribagh in Jharkhand. Here a woman had to struggle to get treatment to her father. For hours, he had to stand in the parking of the hospital with his father. Nobody was going to hear them. He died before the doctor came to see his father.


While taking her father’s body out of the hospital, the daughter’s eye fell on a minister of the state and she confronted him. She said while screaming in a pained voice. “Minister, the doctor kept shouting, no one came to ask. Father died here yearning. You only come to ask for votes ”. Videos of this incident are also available on social media. People are giving their reactions on this.

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