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If there is a need for money in emergency, which loan is better and which will take less interest, know the complete detail

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To meet the need of money in the corona period, a loan can be taken on short term loan or credit card. Interest rates and time limits vary between the two.

Loan schemes

Economic problems have increased due to limited employment resources in this era of Corona epidemic. In such a situation, people are taking loans from EMI repayments to managing treatment expenses. Although many types of loan schemes are in demand, but if you are confused about the loan on credit card or short term loan. So we will tell you which loan is better and in which the least interest will be charged.

Loan facility without credit card without documentation

Nowadays many private banks and financial institutions provide loan facility on credit card. There is no need for more documents for this. You can also apply online for this while sitting at home. The bank or company offers pre-approved credit card loan facility to cardholders with good repayment history and credit profile. You get it within a few hours.

Loans can be taken even more than the limit

By the way, every credit card company or bank offers a loan according to the available credit limit of the cardholder, but sometimes you can take a loan more than the limit. However, you may have to pay interest of up to 36-42%. Due to this, you may have a lot of trouble to pay the loan installment.

You can take short term loan at low interest

If you want to take a loan for a short time, then a short term loan is a better option. In this loan is provided on the basis of 10-12 percent interest rate. Usually they can go for 1, 2 years or a few months. No mortgage is required to take it. You can get 3 to 12 months to repay the loan. Compared to credit card, it gives more time to repay the loan. It does not require much documents. Short-term personal loans can be taken by anyone between 21 and 60 years old.

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