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How to convert a normal bank account into a Jan Dhan account, know the easy way

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Through Jan Dhan Account, you can withdraw up to 10 thousand rupees even if there is no balance. This facility is available through overdraft. Similarly, this account has other advantages.

Jan Dhan Account

The government is running the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) to help the economically weaker people. Overdraft facility is available through this. That is, even if there is no balance in the account, they can withdraw up to 10 thousand rupees if needed from this account. To take advantage of the scheme, you have to open a Jan Dhan account. If you want, you can convert any of your ordinary bank accounts into Jan Dhan account. For this, you have to do some paperwork. So, let us know what is the process.

Apply for the RuPay card by filling the form

If you have an old bank account, to convert it into a Jan Dhan account, you will have to go to the bank branch and apply for a RuPay card. For this, a form has to be filled. In this, you have to provide your name, mobile number, bank branch name, applicant’s address, nominee, business / employment and annual income and number of dependents, SSA code or ward number, village code or town code etc. After all the information is verified, your normal account will be converted into Jan Dhan account from the bank.

These documents will be needed

Documents such as passport, driving license, PAN card number, Voter ID card issued by Election Commission, MNREGA job cord with signature of state government officer will be required for Jan Dhan account.

Benefits of Jan Dhan account

1. There is no problem of maintaining minimum balance in the public account.
2. It gets interest on the amount deposited. Also, free mobile banking facility is available.
3. You can avail overdraft facility of up to 10 thousand rupees through Jan Dhan account. For this, there is no need to have sufficient balance in the account.
4. With this account there is a free accident insurance of two lakh rupees.
5. The facility of availing insurance and pension scheme is available through Jan Dhan account.

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