How a Bangladeshi Biscuit Brand has gained popularity in India, know the full story of its success

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Pran-RFL, of which Pran Foods is a subsidiary, was started by Choudhury’s father in 1981, a decade after Bangladesh’s independence.

Ahsan Khan Chowdhury Potata Biscuits

People of India enjoy many types of biscuits. During this, someone likes milk biscuits and some like chocolate biscuits. Indians like to eat snacks and biscuits with evening tea. But have you ever thought that the biscuit of a neighboring country will become so famous in India that people will go crazy after it. Yes, some similar craze is being seen in India for Potata Biscuit from Pran Foods of Bangladesh.

Seeing the packing of this biscuit, people’s heart falls on it. The biscuits are perfectly round. So at the same time their specialty is that, they are very thin as if there are any chips. And anyone can easily eat them in one go. These biscuits are so soft that they dissolve in your mouth. At present, these biscuits are being liked in India since the year 2019. At the same time, many people are now tweeting about it.

What is the story of Pran Products?

Pran products are widely available in North East and West Bengal. A decade ago, people started liking Pran products in these places, especially the company’s Rusk biscuits. The list also included packaged jhal muri, instant noodles and juices. But potata is one such product which was liked in most of the cities of India. The demand for this product has reached from Jaipur to the West and then to the South. The name of Pran’s parent company is RFL Group, while its chairman and CEO is Ahsan Khan Chowdhary. Now the company sells everything from agri-processing and manufacturing farm machinery to stationery and toys.

The company’s revenue in 2019-20 was Rs 92.8 crore

During an interview, when Chowdhary was asked, is he a Reliance of Bangladesh? In response to this, he said that no, it is not as big as an Indian company. The company employs over 100,000 people and exports products to 145 countries. Its export revenue alone was more than Taka 110 crore (about Rs 92.8 crore) in the year 2019-20.

Chaudhary further said that India is a big market for us. We want to reach 700 villages in India and look to Corporate India for inspiration. He further added that, we focus on how we become more structured, how to run a company in a more professional manner. We aspire to become a global company. Boundaries are meaningless. Let us tell you that, in the year 2015, the company established its first factory in India- Agartala, Tripura.

The company was started in 1981

Pran-RFL, of which Pran Foods is a subsidiary, was started by Choudhury’s father in 1981, a decade after Bangladesh’s independence. A retired Major General in the Bangladesh Army, Amjad Khan Chowdhury had a strong patriotic streak, his son Ahsan Khan says that he wanted to see the young nation financially strong and free from poverty, and through agribusiness. It was his vision to empower his farmers. After this, young Ahsan Choudhary, who graduated from the Wartburg College in Iowa, USA, joined the company when he was 21 years old. After this, with the help of his responsibilities, he started making the company consumer facing and innovative.

Let us tell you that Junior Chaudhary is very good at trying new things and copying them in his factories. Chowdhary explains that, when I travel in South (India), I see ready to eat Upma and Idli mix from companies like MTR, when I travel by Indigo Airlines, I get their Upma and Dal-Rice. Appears where you pour hot water. Then I think, how can we make something like this?

Inspiration from China for Pota Biscuit

Regarding potato, Chaudhary told that, he was traveling once in China and during that time he tasted a biscuit which tasted like potato wafer. After coming back to Bangladesh, he asked his food scientists to reverse-engineer it with potato flakes, paste and tapioca starch added to some of the flavors. At the same time, it was mixed in wheat flour, due to which it was made thin biscuits like wafers. Here its purpose was to keep it exactly like thin potato chips.

Chowdhury knows he is entering a territory dominated by consumer goods giants like Britannia and ITC in India, with these companies he said, don’t be afraid, they are big. I have a lot to learn from him – and not just from him but also from Indian companies like Paper Boat. In the end, Chaudhary said that India is a very big country and I want potato biscuits to be available to everyone from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

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