Holi Special Trains 2021: Here is the complete list of Holi special trains, if you have to go home, book train tickets early

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Holi Special Trains 2021: In view of the increasing number of passengers at the time of Holi, Northern Railway is running 18 pairs of specials. These trains are running between 21 March and 31 March.

These 18 pairs of special trains are running by Northern Railway.

On Holi, Indian Railways is running many special trains for passengers to go home. There is a small Holi on March 28 and Holi on March 29. In view of the number of passengers on Holi this time, Railways has decided to run 18 pairs of ‘Holi Special’ trains. Railways has released complete information about these trains.

These special trains will run daily, two days a week, three more times on a weekly basis. Their route has been specially designed keeping in mind the convenience of the passengers.

Ashutosh Gangal, general manager of Northern Railway, said, ‘In view of the increasing crowd on Holi, Northern Railway is running 18 pairs of special trains. These trains are running between 21 March and 31 March.

All passengers boarding Holi special trains will have to follow the COVID-19 protocol and guidelines. Passengers can call the helpline number 139 of the railway to collect any information about these trains.

Indian Railway Holi Special trains full list

  • 03512 Asansol-Tata Special Train (Sunday, Tuesday and Friday)
  • 03511 Tatanagar-Asansol Special Train (Sunday, Tuesday and Friday)
  • 03509 Asansol-Gonda Special Train (Monday)
  • 03507 Easasol-Gorakhpur Special Train (Friday)
  • 02335 Bhagalpur-Lokmanya Tilak Terminal Special train (daily)
  • 02336 Lokmanya Tilak Terminal-Bhagalpur Special Train (daily)
  • 03510 Gonda-Asansol Special Train (Wednesday)
  • 03508 Gorakhpur-Asansol Special Train (Saturday)
  • 03402 Danapur-Bhagalpur Special Train (Daily)
  • 03419 Bhagalpur-Muzaffarpur Special Train (Daily)
  • 03420 Muzaffarpur-Bhagalpur Special Train (Daily)
  • 03023 Howrah-Gaya Special via Sahibganj Train (Daily)
  • 03024 Gaya-Howrah Special Via Sahibgang Train (Daily)
  • 02315 Kolkata-Udaipur City Special Train (Thursday)
  • 02316 Udaipur City-Kolkata Special Train (Monday)
  • 02361 easysol-cst mumbai special train (sunday)
  • 02362 CST Mumbai-Asansol Special Train (Wednesday)
  • 03002 Siudihwada Special Train (Daily)
  • 03506 Asansol-Digha Special Train (Daily)
  • 03505 Digha-Asansol Special Train (Daily)
  • 03418 Malda Town-Digha Special Train (Thursday)
  • 03417 Digha-Malda Town Special Train (Thursday)
  • 03425 Malda Town-Surat Special Train (Saturday)
  • 03415 Malda Town-Patna Special Train (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday)
  • 03416 Patna-Malda Town Special Train (Thursday, Saturday and Monday)
  • 03165 Kolkata – Sitamarhi Special Train (Saturday)
  • 03166 Sitamarhi-Kolkata Special Train (Sunday)
  • 03501 Haldia-Asansol Special Train (except Sundays)

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