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Hindu doctor read the last breath for Muslim patient, people prayed to the doctor

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In this bad time, people are serving humanity by bypassing the religion. Recently a beautiful story came out from Kerala, where a doctor rose above his duty and worked as a human being. The news that has come out of Pallakad district in Kerala is no less than an example.

At the Savannah Hospital and Research Center located in Pattambi area of ​​the district, a Hindu female doctor recited a Qalma (Islamic prayer) to a Muslim corona patient counting his last breath. The Muslim woman, who fell ill with Corona, was on ventilator at the SHRC for two weeks and her relatives were not allowed to go to the ICU.

According to media reports, Dr. Rekha Krishna, working in the hospital, told that the patient was taken out of the ventilator on May 17 as he was not expected to survive and his family was aware of this.

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Rekha said, “As soon as I reached the patient, I felt that she was finding it difficult to say goodbye to the world. Since she was a Muslim, I slowly read Kalma in her ears. After listening to Kalma I gave her a deep She looked breathless and then she settled down. “

Dr. Krishna further told that he had not foreseen to do anything like this, it all happened suddenly. He said, “I was able to do this because I was born and brought up in Dubai, so I know Islamic customs and traditions. I was never discriminated against in the Gulf because I was a Hindu. Today I did Only returned the honor from Gulf. ”

According to Dr. Rekha Krishna, it was not a religious but a human act. He said that the biggest problem of patients infected with COVID-19 is that they feel alone and isolated. In such a situation, we should make every effort to help the patients.

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