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Heavy purchases of old vehicles in Corona era, sales increased 3 times over last year

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During the Corona epidemic, people bought secondhand vehicles fiercely. People are preferring to travel by their own vehicles instead of public transport.

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Coronavirus Pandemic has changed the entire system. People are avoiding using public transport to follow social distancing and avoid infection. People are understanding their own customs much better for coming and going from home to office etc. This is the reason why old cars (Used Cars) were fiercely purchased in the Corona era. This time around 3 times more sales have been made than last year.

According to experts, the income of people in the Corona crisis has reduced. But people want to travel by own car, so secondhand cars became their first choice. According to data from online car shopping website India Blue, about 39 lakh old cars are sold in 2020-21. Whereas in FY 2019-20, this figure was just 14 lakhs. That is, it has increased about 3 times compared to last year. People are using digital platforms more to buy secondhand vehicles.

Older vehicles sold more expensive than BS6 model

BS6 norms were implemented from April 2020 under the new Motor Vehicle Act. Due to this, all vehicles must be BS6. Due to the new changes, automakers have increased the prices of vehicles. In such a situation, instead of buying expensive cars in the Corona era, people thought it better to buy secondhand cars. This is the reason that during this period, sales of old vehicles increased.

Sales of new vehicles decreased by 36 percent

According to data from car shopping website India Blue, there has been a decline in sales of new vehicles this year. In the first quarter of the financial year 2020-21, there has been a decline of 36 per cent in the sales of new vehicles. According to experts, the sale of new vehicles has reduced due to the lockdown in different states.

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Bhagyashree Soni
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