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Guaranteed earning scheme of post office: Rs. 96,390 to be received from monthly investment of Rs. 1500

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1.5 million post offices spread across the country of India Post Bank also provide various types of banking and remittance services. Where different schemes get different returns

Post Office Recurring Deposit

Everyone wants to protect their money. That’s why most people now want to invest their money in a place without risk. But due to low interest rates in fixed deposits and lock-in, investors are confused about where to put their money so that the money can be increased quickly and also be safe. If you are also looking for something like this, then today you are telling about a similar scheme of the post office where you can get a huge amount by investing very little. That too without any risk.

We are talking about the recurring deposit scheme of the post office where you get an interest of 7.10% from the post office. If you deposit 1500 rupees per month, then you get an interest of 1278 rupees in a year and your money is also safe. That means, on depositing Rs 18000 for the year, your money becomes Rs 19278.

This is how you will get Rs 96,390

If you invest your money in this popular post office scheme for five years, then your fund will be worth Rs 96,390 as per Rs 19278. To take advantage of the post office recurring deposit scheme, you have to deposit money every month on a fixed date. In this scheme, you can deposit your money every month from the 1st to the 15th. If you have opened an account on 1st of the month then you can deposit till 15th of the month. On the 16th, the last chance of deposit in an open account is for you till the last date of the month.

How can I deposit money

The 1.5 million post offices of the Indian Postal Department spread across the country also provide a variety of banking and remittance services. Where different schemes get different returns. You can deposit your money at these places. Due to this being a government scheme, your money is completely safe here. The post office usually gets interest ranging from 4 per cent to 8.3 per cent, which depends on different schemes. You can also get more information from the India Post website. The post office recurring and saving schemes are very popular among the general public because in addition to safe money, interest is also good.

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