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Gram Priya Scheme: A chance to get millions from saving of Rs 189 daily, will get a lump sum on the maturity with a bonus

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One can invest in village priya scheme of post office for 10 years. This is LIC’s Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI) product. This is a money back scheme.

Village Priya Scheme

When it comes to investment, most people believe in the post office scheme. Being operated by the government, there is no risk of risk in it. In such a situation, Gram Priya Grameen Dak Jeevan Bima Yojana (Gram Priya Scheme) of the post office is a beneficial scheme for the people living in rural areas. You can get millions by saving just Rs 189 per day. The good thing is that in this, you will get a lump sum on the maturity as well as a bonus.

This is LIC’s Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI) product. LPL started RPLI in 1995. This policy is for 10 years. This is an investment cum insurance policy. This is a money back scheme, in which you will continue to get its benefits at regular intervals. The minimum sum assured is Rs 10000 and the maximum sum assured is Rs 5 lakh. In this scheme you will also get the facility of nomination.

How much premium will have to be paid

Under the Village Priya scheme, the premium amount is decided on the basis of the age and the sum assured of the investor. For example, if a person takes this policy at the age of 30 and the sum assured is Rs 5 lakh, then you have to pay a premium of about Rs 5068 every month. On a quarterly basis, your premium will be Rs 15179, on a half yearly basis, the premium will be Rs 30227 and on an annual basis, your premium will be Rs 59931. If you look at the monthly premium, then you have to deposit around Rs 189 daily.

Benefits of the scheme

1.In this policy, the investor will get the benefit at regular intervals, fourth, seventh and tenth years.
2. In this, every year bonus will be available for the current year at the rate fixed by the government.
3. If the investor dies after taking the policy, the nominee will get the benefit of the sum assured and bonus.
4. People between the age of 19 years to 45 years can take this policy.

How much will you get on maturity

LIC is currently giving a bonus of 45 rupees per thousand Sum Assured annually. Accordingly, the annual bonus for 5 lakh even assured will be Rs 22500. The total amount of bonus in 10 years will be 225000 rupees. In this way, on maturity, the insured will get a total of 725000 rupees, which will be 2.25 lakh bonus and 5 lakh sum assured.

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