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Government announced the biggest announcement regarding ethanol, declared standard fuel, know what will benefit common people

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Ethanol latest news: The central government has taken the biggest decision regarding ethanol so far. The government has declared it as standard fuel. This will benefit the common man as well as the farmers.

Bihar becomes first state to approve ethanol policy

The central government has approved the use of ethanol as standalone fuel and now oil companies have got permission to sell E-100 directly. According to media reports, the notification related to this has been issued by the Petroleum Ministry. Experts say that after this decision, ethanol can be used like common fuel like petrol and diesel. However, this fuel will be used only in vehicles that will be E100 compatible.

What is Ethanol

In simple words, ethanol is a type of alcohol which is mixed with petrol and used as fuel in trains. Ethanol is produced from sugarcane, but now the government is planning to prepare it from rice too.

By adding it to petrol, carbon monoxide can be reduced by up to 35 per cent and sulfur dioxide can also be reduced. This will provide relief to the common people from pollution.

The central government has planned to give a guarantee to purchase ethanol in five years. Sugarcane farmers will directly benefit from increased production of ethanol. Because sugar mills will have easy money available.

About 189 crore liters of ethanol were supplied by sugar mills and grain-based furnaces (distilleries) during the last ethanol supply year 2018-19, creating a 5% blending and in the current ethanol supply year 2019-20, 190-200 crore Efforts are being made to supply liter so that the target of 5.6 percent blending can be achieved.

What will happen with the declaration of standard fuel

Experts say that after this decision, ethanol can now be used as petrol-diesel. Earlier it was mixed in petrol. At present, the government has set a target of mixing 20 percent ethanol in petrol by 2030.

Last year, the government had targeted 10 percent ethanol blending in petrol by 2022. In the current ethanol supply year, which starts in October, there is 8.5% ethanol blending in petrol, which will be increased to 10% by 2022.

What will happen now

It is believed that now new vehicles based on ethanol fuel will be launched. The government has introduced new policies to increase its production. The central government is planning to provide loans at cheaper rates to companies setting up ethanol plants. The Standing Committee of the Sugar Development Fund, created by the government, has recommended a 2 per cent cheaper loan. The central government has approved 418 ethanol projects in the last few months.

What will benefit the common man

Ethanol-blended petrol will benefit the country as well as the common man. This will reduce India’s dependence on crude. Ethanol-driven car is much less hot than petrol. Alcohol in ethanol flies quickly, due to which the engine does not heat up quickly.

We buy more than 80 percent crude oil of our requirement from abroad. Experts say that if the carbon dioxide (CO2) is reduced, the damage to the atmosphere will also be reduced. Apart from this, it will be much cheaper than crude oil. So, there will be relief from inflation in such a situation.

Farmers will also benefit

Increased use of ethanol will also increase the income of farmers. Because ethanol is made from sugarcane, maize and many other crops. Sugar mills will get a new way of earning, so that they will be able to repay their agricultural dues.

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