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Gold Silver rate: Gold in preparation for 50 thousand rupees, gold in April before weddings season became costlier by 1900 rupees

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So far in April, gold has become expensive by 1962 rupees, while 4043 rupees has become expensive.


Gold rate today: Corona cases are increasing very fast, including India. Due to this, the confidence of investors has started to falter again and they are getting attracted towards safe investment. This is the reason why since Holi, there has been a steady rise in gold and silver. Market experts say that according to the way the trend continues in the last one week, gold will soon become 50 thousand.


Gold rate today

Gold latest price: Weddings season has started from the third week of April which will continue till the second week of July. During the wedding season, demand increases anyway, due to which gold and silver becomes expensive. In such a situation, if you also want to buy jewelery for some work, then this is the right time. According to information available on the website of the Indian Bullion Jewelers Association (IBJA), the price of 999 purity gold was Rs 44190 on March 31, which reached Rs 46152 per ten grams when the market opened on April 8. In this way, gold has become expensive by 1962 rupees so far in April.



Silver rate today: If you talk about silver, the price of 999 purity silver on March 31 was 62862 rupees per kilogram. On opening of the market this morning, it opened at the level of 66905 rupees per kilogram. In this way, in April it has become expensive by Rs 4043. The wedding season is starting on 22nd of April. After this, the whole month is the wedding day except the 23rd. 16 days are also auspicious in May.


Gold rate today

The price of gold continues to bounce on MCX as well. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, gold for June delivery was trading at a level of 46575 with a rise of 213 rupees. On March 30, gold for June delivery had closed at the level of Rs 44423. Since then, it has been steadily increasing and in the last one week it has become more expensive than 2100 rupees. Gold for August delivery was trading at a level of Rs 46864, up by Rs 261 at this time.



Silver delivery is also seen increasing on MCX. At 3 pm in the afternoon, silver for delivery was trading up by Rs 358 to trade at Rs 66992 per kg. On March 30, the closing price of silver for May delivery was Rs 63124 per kg. In the last one week, its rate has jumped by more than 3800 rupees. Silver for July delivery was trading at Rs 67991 level with a rise of Rs 391.

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