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Monday, January 17, 2022

Gift to Indians living around the world! Strict rules regarding passport changed by central government

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On the occasion of Holi, the central government has given great relief to Indians. Now Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cardholders do not need to bring their old passport with them.

According to the news of news agency PTI, the central government has released new guidelines regarding OCI. The date of its renewal has also been extended till 31 December 2021. Till then people can travel with old passports.

What is OCI?

The flower form of OCI is Overseas Citizens of India. Its card holders are persons of Indian origin only. Such people, who have taken citizenship of another country, come in it. The holders of OCI cards are valid for all the countries except Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Right from constitution

The Indian constitution also does not provide for dual citizenship to Indians. Section 7B of the Citizenship Act 1955 provides certain facilities to a particular type of group. This special group has been placed in OCI and it has been given to them by making a special card.


What is the difference between NRI and OCI

Any person who has been abroad for at least 183 days in a financial year is called NRI. The OCI card holder is not a citizen of India. While NRI is a citizen of India.

The NRI has the right to vote in India, while the OCI does not have the right to vote. The OCI also cannot participate in the election, while the NRI can.

OCI card holder cannot buy any agricultural land in India. At the same time, NRI cannot buy agricultural land. The OCI does not have a passport from India, while the NRI holds.

What is different in an OCI card

Actually, OCI card has the passport number of the country where the citizen holds citizenship. In such a situation, OCI card holders of Indian origin have to carry their passport with them. But, now it has been scrapped.


What is the problem with keeping the old passport

People do not usually keep old passports. In such a situation, citizens of Indian origin had to return from the airport. This was also a waste of their money.

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Inputs: www.indiatimes.com

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