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Get Aadhaar card made at home for children up to 5 years, know step by step process

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If you have a small child in your house and you are planning to get their Aadhaar card made, then this news is for you.

Aadhaar Card

AADHAAR card is one of the most important document in today’s time. It is compulsory for everyone from elderly to newborn in India. Whether a bank or any government work, this document is required everywhere. Therefore, it is important for everyone to get it made.

UIDAI has now made it mandatory for children to make Aadhaar in this episode and now parents can easily get Aadhaar card made for Newborn Baby too. However, there are some such criterias that do not apply while making Aadhaar cards of these children.

It does not require biometric for children up to five years old. Apart from this, Aadhaar will be made on the basis of the demographic information and photographs of the parents. After the children are five years old, they will have to register their biometric like fingerprints etc. with Aadhaar.

These documents will be needed

– Original birth certificate of the child
– Aadhaar card of either of the parents
For verification, both these documents should be original copies.

Such AADHAAR card can be applied online

To get Aadhaar card made for your child 0 to 5 years old, you will have to go to the Aadhaar Enrollment Center. But to avoid this you can book an appointment online. So let’s know how you can book an appointment…

1- First, gather all the necessary documents and information.
2- After that go to the UIDAI website and go to the Get Aadhaar section and book an appointment.
Enter the location details and then click on Proceed to Book an Appointment.
4- After this, select New Aadhaar option and then enter the mobile number and click on Generate OTP.
5- After this, go to the Personal Details section and fill all the necessary information and then click on Proceed.
6- After this, you select the time and slot for your appointment and then click on Next.
7- Verify all the information and click on Submit to book the appointment.

To do this, you will have to visit the selected Aadhaar Enrollment Center and then complete your process there.

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