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From today, buying liquor in UP became expensive, kovid cess was felt, know how much it will have to pay now

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The UP government has amended the Excise Policy 2021-22 to impose covid cess on liquor. With this, you will have to pay more money to buy alcohol.

Increased alcohol prices in UP

Bad news for alcohol enthusiasts. Actually, Covid Cess has been installed in UP from today. Due to this, those who have jammed will now have to pay 10 to 40 rupees more to buy liquor. The UP government amended the Excise Policy 2021-22, the government has imposed a special additional consideration fee of Rs 10 per 90ml on regular category liquor.

The government wants to increase revenue through covid cess on liquor. The proceeds from this will be used to fight the second wave of the Corona epidemic. In this regard, the mandate has also been issued on Monday. Increasing the price of alcohol can shock its amateurs.

Know how much the prices have increased

After the covid cess on liquor in UP, the prices will increase by 10-40 rupees. COVID cess will be charged at Rs 10 per 90ml on premium category liquor, Rs 20 per 90ml on Super Premier, Rs 30 per 90ml on Scotch and Rs 40 per 90ml on imported liquor.

Prices were also increased on 1 April

Earlier, on April 1, ie at the beginning of the new financial year, the prices of liquor were increased. With this, a new excise session was also started. During this time, the UP government had increased the permit fees on all other wines, including Scotch, wine, whiskey, vodka coming from other countries. Due to this, English liquor in UP became expensive by 15 to 20 percent. However, the price of beer was reduced by 10 to 20 rupees. After the introduction of COVID cess, the prices of liquor will increase further.

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