FPI confidence returned again, in June, foreign portfolio investors put Rs 13424 crore in the market so far

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FPI in June: Foreign portfolio investors remain net buyers in the Indian stock market. So far in June, he has put in Rs 13424 crore.

2,096 crore has been withdrawn from the bond market.

FPI in June: Foreign portfolio investors have remained net buyers in the month of June after making frequent withdrawals from the stock market in April and May. Foreign portfolio investors have infused a net Rs 13,424 crore into the Indian markets so far in June. Foreign investors’ confidence in the Indian markets has increased due to the hope of an early opening of the economy amid a reduction in cases of COVID-19 infection.

According to depository data, FPIs invested Rs 15,520 crore in equities from June 1 to 11. Morningstar India Associate Director-Manager Research Himanshu Srivastava said, “During the last two weeks, the net inflow of foreign investors into the stocks is due to the reduction in the cases of corona virus, the economy is expected to open soon.” 2,096 crore has been withdrawn from the debt or bond market. In this way his net investment has been Rs 13,424 crore. Earlier in May, FPIs had withdrawn Rs 2,666 crore from Indian markets and Rs 9,435 crore in April.

Stock market closed at record high

Here the stock market closed sharply this week amid ups and downs. The Sensex was up 2.05 per cent on a weekly basis, while the Nifty gained 0.82 per cent on a weekly basis. Nifty is closing with a rise for four consecutive weeks and Sensex is closing with a rise for three consecutive weeks. Sensex and Nifty set a new record on Friday. Sensex closed at 52474 points and Nifty closed at 15799 points.

Investors earned Rs 3.91 lakh crore this week

This week, the market capitalization (market cap) of five of the top-10 companies of the Sensex increased by Rs 1,01,389.44 crore. The total market cap of all BSE listed companies increased to Rs 231.11 lakh crore. Last week it was Rs 227.20 lakh crore. In this way, there was a total increase of 3.91 lakh crore in the wealth of investors in a week. IT sector companies Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Infosys were the biggest gainers.

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Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni
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