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Monday, January 17, 2022

Former boxing champion, who was working for auto driving and hauling wheat, Anand Mahindra came to help

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The biggest defeat of a player is not on the field or in the ring. His defeat occurs when his confidence is lost from the game. When he stops playing.

Abid Khan, who once brought a medal in boxing for the country, is leaving boxing and driving auto. His 17-minute video was shared by a YouTube channel called Sports Village and since then people are constantly asking questions.

Abid Khan has represented the National Institute of Sports of Punjab University. He also trained the Army’s boxing team for five years. But after this, due to many economic and family reasons, they could not continue further and they used to run auto for home running, lifting wheat bags.

Despite being a national-level boxer, he did not allow his two sons to be a part of sports. The good thing is that this video of him was so shared that Anand Mahindra got an eye on it and he talked about helping Abid.

Sharing this video, Mahindra tweeted, “I like the fact that they are not expecting any help. I like to invest in the talent and passion of people more than philanthropy. Please tell that a startup for them How to start a boxing academy

Hope Abid will get a chance to join his passion soon.

Do you also have work from home? So if this trip is adopted, then soon lakhs will be benefited

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