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Expained: Many variants of Covid active in India, know how Corona is spreading in the country

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South African and Brazilian variants are also two such variants of coronavirus which is spreading all over the world. These two variants make the immunity of the human body very weak.

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The UK variant of Coronavirus, which arrived in India from the UK in December, is now spreading rapidly in many states of India. In the past, “UK variants” have been found in more than 320 coronovirus samples in Punjab and may spread further in the coming months. A government statement released on Wednesday said that 736 samples of UK variants have been found so far across the country. In addition to these, 34 specimens were found of the “South African variant”, and one in the “Brazilian Variant”.

South African and Brazilian variants are also two variants of Coronavirus that are spreading worldwide. These two variants greatly weaken the immunity of the human body. Because of which scientists have expressed the fear that the current Corona vaccine may be less effective on this variant. However, it is still being investigated.

South African variants are not the only type of coronavirus

However the UK, Brazil and South African variants are not the only types of coronavirus currently roaming in the Indian population. Scientists say that like any other organism, coronovirus is also constantly changing, its natural structure is undergoing some changes in every variant cycle. Three types of changes in this virus are being observed during the corona epidemic. First, these viruses increase their ability to spread rapidly over time, cause more serious illness in the infected person, and completely weaken the virus immunity.

Three types of dynasty were found in many countries

The UK, Brazil and South African variants are such variants of Corona, each of which now has its own family, which means that these variants are also changing themselves. This three types of families, or lineages, of COVID have been found in many countries, and are seeing an increase in cases mainly in Europe and Brazil variants. Apart from these, many other variants are roaming in the Indian population, which originated from the local people who have been brought from abroad. But the point of relief is that none of these has been classified as “a type of concern”.

Out of 400 samples, 80 percent version variants are foreign

At the same time, on the foreign variants growing in Punjab, scientists have said that any variant that has reached India from Britain, Brazil or South African countries is not a matter of concern at present. This variant has not spread so far in the country. He said that even in Punjab, where 80 per cent of the 400 samples that came out as foreign variants of the variant, it is too early to blame it for the extraordinary increase in cases in the last few weeks.

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