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Exclusive: This is the right time to get health insurance, if the insurance is not done in Corona, then the bank account will be empty.

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In the Corona era, usually all companies are giving Corona insurance. Which includes all the expenses which are usually covered in a simple health insurance.

Insurance In Corona

The peak of the second wave of Corona continues in the country. People are spending millions by circling the hospital, even after this, they are not getting treatment. In such a difficult time, health insurance is working like a panacea for you. Because many companies are covering the expenses of getting treatment not only in the hospital but also at home.

What is the role of insurance in such a difficult time and how can it prove to be helpful, for this TV9 , expert has known the answer to every question that you need to know. TV9 , from Sanjay Dutta, Chief of Underwriting, Claim and Re-Insurance at ICICI Lombard Talked about all aspects related to insurance. Let us know how you can reduce your anxiety with insurance in this hour of trouble.

QuestionWhy is health insurance more important now?

answer In the present time, it is very important for everyone to have health insurance for the right treatment and financial expenses incurred on it. Especially if you go to get treatment for a disease like corona, then its cost is around 10 to 12 lakhs. In such a situation, if you have insurance, then your problems can be reduced. With this you can give financial security to yourself and family. Health insurance covers many things, from hospitalization to surgery. Such expenses are borne by the insurance companies.

Question After how many days of insurance, the company gives you cover.

answer – In this round of Corona, the sooner you take insurance, the sooner you will get the benefit. Usually it takes 15 days for the insurance companies to activate the policy. Meaning if you have a corona policy today, then you can get the benefit of it for 15 days. During this period, do not ask God that if you get corona, then you will not get the benefit.

QuestionIn the Corona era, will the cost of ambulance, the cost of the test, be included in taking insurance?

answer In the Corona era, usually all companies are giving Corona insurance. Which includes all the expenses which are usually covered in a simple health insurance. As soon as your report comes corona positive. So the companies bear the cost of ambulance, the cost of tests done in the hospital, the cost of beds. You will not have to spend money out of pocket for such expenses.

QuestionIn recent times, there has been a lot of concern about oxygen. Are the insurance companies also borne the cost of oxygen.

answer – The cost of oxygen is included in the rest of your expenses. But the oxygen companies pay for oxygen only when they are admitted in the hospital. Because only those with mild symptoms are treated at home. In such a situation, if you are doing your own treatment at home, then you will have to talk to your insurance company about the provision that they have for this facility.

Question Whether a separate policy will have to be taken for the corona or will the corona cover be included in the normal policy

answer – All companies are selling Corona policy nowadays. Their name may vary. But usually all companies are covering Corona. Suppose you have taken a corona policy for one year and the corona expires after 3 months, then you can convert your corona policy into a normal health policy.

Question If a patient is undergoing treatment at home, how will he get the cover?

answer – If someone has mild symptoms and the patient is quarantine at home. In such a situation, many companies have also included the expenses incurred during Quarantine. To claim this, you have to submit a bill to the company and take reimbursement. Although every insurance company has its own rules. In such a situation, before purchasing a health policy, understand that how much and what will be covered in it.

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