Every man of this village earns 32 lakh rupees, yet he does not wear clothes, know what is the reason

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While the capita income of Hertfordshire is $ 46,600, there are many countries under it including Japan’s Highlands Iceland, France’s Warkwickshire, New Zealand’s Eastern Scotland.

Playground Village In Heartfordshire

One aspect of measuring the economy of any country, state or city is its capita income or average per capita income. Today you are going to tell about a village coming to Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom, where Capita or GRP is more than big countries like Japan and France. We are talking about Hertfordshire, a city with a population of about one million. The capita income here is about $ 46,600. That is, if you calculate it in Indian rupees, then every person here earns about 32.62 lakh rupees. But the most important thing is that people here do not wear clothes. You will also give information about why this is so, but before that know that why in the important aspect of the economy of the city, Japan, France is above many countries including UAE.

While the capita income of Hertfordshire is $ 46,600, there are many countries under it including Japan’s Highlands Iceland, France’s Warwickshire, New Zealand’s Eastern Scotland. The per capita income of major cities in these countries is lower than Hertfordshire. On the other hand, in many cities of Italy, Kuwait and Brunei countries, the capita income is less than this.

What is the reason

Actually, this village was established in 1929 with a small population of about 11.90 lakhs. Since then the people of this city decided on their own that they will not wear clothes unless there is a special need. The purpose of this decision is also said to be away from the glare of the rest of the world. However, people here wear clothes on special occasions.

Important contribution in economy

At the same time, in terms of economy, agriculture, industry and service have recorded good growth in all three sectors. According to the data, in 1995 the ratio of GVD or Grass Value Added was 11,742 which increased to 20,937 by 2003 and is still in growth. Talking about companies, in this small city, there is an office of famous UK companies. Where people from here have got employment too. Not only this, the trade of NPA, the UK’s largest pharma association, is also very big in this city. Through which a large employment opportunity is provided in the pharma sector. This small city in itself is a great example in terms of statistics and people’s earnings, but even a non-wearing thing sets it apart from the rest of the world.

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Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni
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