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During the Corona period, this pharma company gave a bumper return, 10 thousand rupees 15 lakh rupees in 6 months.

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On November 3, 2020, Orchid Pharma’s share price was Rs 18, its price has now increased to Rs 2,680. In this way, the stock price increased by 14788 percent in just 6 months.

Share increased by about 15000 percent in 6 months

The Corona era has left many popular investment options, including cryptocurrencies, behind in terms of one share return of the Indian stock market. Pharma company Orchid Pharma has given about 15,000 per cent returns to investors in just 6 months. Not even this much return was received in bitcoin in the last one year. Investors who would have invested in Orchid Pharma shares six months ago, their investment will now have increased to Rs 15 lakh.

On November 3, 2020, Orchid Pharma’s share price was Rs 18, its price has now increased to Rs 2,680. In this way, the stock price increased by 14,788 percent in just 6 months. In this period, the BSE benchmark index Sensex has given about 27 per cent returns.

Share at 52-week high

On April 1, Orchid Pharma’s share price rose to a new 52-week high of Rs 2,680. Let me tell you that since the listing on the stock exchange on November 3, the stock had an upper circuit every day. Today, the stock of the company has dropped due to the fall in the stock market. On Tuesday, it has a lower circuit of 5 percent.

This company acquired Orchid Pharma

Let us know that Dhanuka Labs acquired Orchid Pharma under NCLT resolution. The Chennai-based pharmaceutical company’s market cap rose to Rs 5,082.87 crore.

According to the shareholding pattern, Dhanuka Lab’s stake in Orchid Pharma is 99.96 per cent and that of financial institutions is 0.04 per cent.

Financial position of the company

In the quarter ended December 31, 2020, the pharma company incurred a loss of Rs 45.33 crore. Whereas in December 2019, the company had a loss of 34.75 crores. At the same time, sales of the company declined by 20.18 per cent to Rs 102.63 crore in December quarter, while in December 2019, sales were Rs 128.58 crore.

(Note: This is not an investment advice. Here is the performance of the stock. Be sure to consult the market expert before investing.)

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