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During the Corona period, the budget of the house deteriorated, the 580 gas reached 810, the edible oil became one and a half times more expensive.

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Just as the price of food and gas has increased, the budget of everyone’s kitchen has deteriorated.

In the last one year in edible oil, it has increased by more than 55 percent.

The whole world has been fighting with Corona for the last year and a half. The condition of India is also very bad. A lockdown was imposed in the country in March 2020. People did not even recover from the first wave that the second wave has worsened the situation. Millions of people have become unemployed. The condition of small businessmen and those working in the unorganized sector is worse. The government is trying to help, in spite of the way in which the price of food items and gas has increased, the budget of everyone’s kitchen has deteriorated.

First, the government started the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Gas Scheme and under this, gas cylinders were distributed door to door. PM Modi worked to deliver gas cylinders to the poor of the country who had been cooking on the stove for years. It should be praised but there has been a huge jump in the price in the last one year. The 14.20 kg non-subsidized gas cylinder costs Rs 809 in Delhi, Rs 835.50 in Kolkata, Rs 809 in Mumbai and Rs 825 in Chennai.

LPG cylinder was Rs 581 in May 2020

In February 2020, the price of this cylinder in Delhi was 858 rupees. It was reduced to Rs 805.50 in March. The lockdown was announced on 25 March, after which the price started falling. Its price was reduced to Rs 744 in April and Rs 581 in May. Till November, there was a slight rise in the price and it remained at the level of Rs 594. From December, there was a bump in the price. In December, the price went up by 50-50 rupees and it jumped to the level of 694 rupees. In February, the price rose three times and reached the 794 level. In March it reached 819 rupees which was till April. In May, the price was cut by 10 rupees. At this time its price in Delhi is 809 rupees.

The price of edible oil is skyrocketing

The price of edible oil is touching the sky. In the last one year, it has increased by more than 55 percent. According to the government report, the price of vegetable oil in retail has crossed Rs 140. In the first week of May last year, it was at the level of 90 rupees. According to the report of IANS, the price of mustard oil was Rs 90 in Kolkata in May 2019, which has risen to 190 in three years.

Groundnut, Sunflower Oil Price

Bran oil has reached 150 rupees as compared to 80 rupees. The price of groundnut oil was at Rs 95 in Kolkata in May 2019, which has now crossed the 140 level. Sunflower oil has reached the level of 180 rupees as against 100 rupees.

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