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Do this job immediately after losing Aadhaar card, there will be no fear of misuse

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Aadhaar card can be misused for your personal information due to lost or caught by the wrong person. Therefore, we can lock it.

Aadhar Card

Nowadays, Aadhaar Card is required everywhere. It reflects your personal identity. Therefore, it is necessary to have Aadhaar in other documents from taking advantage of the government scheme, but if your Aadhaar card is lost and you did not lock it, then do this job immediately. Because your personal information given in Aadhaar can be misused.

UIDAI allows you to lock your Aadhaar card so that Aadhaar details are not misused. This is most useful when the base is lost. You can lock and unlock your Aadhaar card right from home. So, let us know what is the process.

How to lock Aadhaar

To lock Aadhaar, you have to send a GETOTP SMS to 1947 from your registered mobile number. After doing this, an OTP will come on your mobile number. This OTP will have to be re-written to the 1947 number by writing ‘LOCKUID Aadhaar Number’. Doing this will lock your Aadhaar card. Due to this, your Aadhaar information will not be misused because many times ineligible people take advantage of government schemes by taking advantage of the information related to Aadhar card.

Also the option to unlock the card

There is also an option to unlock the Aadhaar card from UIDAI. So when you need, you can unlock your base. For this, you have to send a GETOTP SMS to 1947 from your registered mobile number. There will be an OTP as before. Which you have to write with ‘UNLOCKUID Aadhaar Number’ and send it to 1947. This will unlock the Aadhaar card.

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