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Deposit in banks is no longer a profitable deal, instead of increasing your money started to decrease, know why

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If the inflation rate is adjusted, then in the month of March, the term deposit has yielded a return of minus 0.03 per cent.


During the Corona period, the Reserve Bank continuously cut the interest rate. Due to this, the banks also reduced the interest rate on the loan and people also got the benefit of it. Along with the reduction in loan interest rate, interest rates were also reduced on deposits, due to which millions of investors have started fearing negative returns. They believe that keeping money in the bank is no longer a profitable deal. If it is adjusted at the rate of inflation, then a negative return is available on the term deposit.



According to the Mint report, the inflation adjusted net interest rate on term deposits, excluding January and February, was minus 0.03 per cent in the month of March. This was plus 0.30 per cent in the month of January and 0.94 per cent in the month of February. After the adjustment, the net return was minus 1.13 per cent in June 2020, minus 1.63 per cent in July, minus 1.59 per cent in August, and in the month of October it reached minus 2.71 per cent.



Term deposits have been a favorite of Indians. The Reserve Bank of India estimates that retail inflation will be 5-5.2 per cent in the current financial year till the month of September. This is the reason why some banks have increased the interest rate on deposits in the recent past.


special FD scheme

Home loan lender HDFC Ltd (HDFC Ltd) has raised the interest rate on fixed deposits of various periods to 0.25 per cent. The new interest rates have come into effect from March 30. HDFC Ltd. Has taken this decision at a time when banks are reducing interest rates on fixed deposits. According to the information available on HDFC website, the annual interest rate on term deposits of up to Rs 2 crore with a maturity of 33 months will be 6.20 percent. At the same time, 6.60 percent interest will be given on term deposits for 66 months. According to HDFC, the interest rate on 99-month term deposit has been kept at 6.65 per cent. Senior citizens will get 25 bps extra interest at the prevailing rates.



Right now SBI is giving interest rate 4.90 per cent on one-year FD, HDFC 4.90 per cent, ICICI 4.90 per cent on one year, Axis Bank 5.15 per cent on one year and Kotak Mahindra Bank giving 4.50 per cent. On the other hand, there has been a lot of jump in bank deposits. According to the Mint report, as of February 26, total deposits stood at Rs 149.3 lakh crore, a 12 per cent increase over the previous year.

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