Delhi: Two people died during cleaning of septic tank, relatives said – were working in compulsion

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The family members of Lokesh said, “We were told that Lokesh and Premchand have been called to the party for catering work, while both were removed for cleaning the septic tank without safety gear. Gone.”

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Ghazipur (East Delhi)Ghazipur, East Delhi) On Thursday evening at a banquet hall’s septic tank (Septic Tank) During the cleaning, two people died of suffocation due to poisonous gas. Police said that both were offered three thousand rupees for this work, but both were not given any safety gear. The two have been identified as 35-year-old Lokesh Kumar and 40-year-old Premchand. Both of Trilokpuri (Trilokpuri) Lived and worked as a caterer in wedding ceremonies.

According to DCP Deepak Yadav, Premchand’s family consists of his wife and his two sons, aged 15 and 9. At the same time, Lokesh has a family of four brothers, including his wife and two children, a 15-year-old daughter and a 12-year-old son. Family members of both told the police that both worked as caterers at weddings and before that they had not cleaned any septic tank. With this, he said that during the cleaning, both were not given any safety gear.

“In the tank unloaded on the pretext of getting work done in the party”

Lokesh’s brother-in-law Deepak Kumar said, “We were told that he and Premchand have been called to the party for catering work, while both were removed for cleaning the septic tank.” They were threatened that they would not be paid wages if both of them did not clean the tank. ” He further said, “I got information about Lokesh’s death around 1 pm. As soon as I got information, when I reached the banquet hall, then his body was inside the tank. The police took out the dead bodies till 2 pm, after which both were taken to the hospital, where doctors declared them both dead. Deepak told that Lokesh was the only earning member of the family.

“Forced to land in tank without safety gear”

At the same time, Premchand’s elder brother Radheshyam, who works as a security guard, said that he was informed about his brother’s death around 7 am. He also said that his brother had never worked as a septic tank cleaner before. He said, “My brother had never cleaned the septic tank. They must have been forced to do this work. We demand adequate police action against the owner of the banquet hall and the people who forced my brother to get into the tank without any safety gear. “

Scavengers unions protest outside banquet hall

About 50 people from the families of both the dead and the sanitation workers unions of Delhi have started banquet halls (Banquet Hall) Gathered outside and protested, demanding immediate arrest of the owner and housekeeping manager. The police have registered a case of negligence under Section 304A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and detained the housekeeping manager, general manager and the owner of the banquet hall for questioning, though no arrests till Friday evening Not done

“Workers are unloaded in tanks and sewers instead of machines”

Sanjay Gehlot, president of Sanitation workers union, said that the government has provided machines to clean septic tanks and sewers, but even then some people use only laborers to clean these tanks because This is the cheapest option. He said that no safety equipment or safety gear were also given to the workers from above. Gehlot has demanded adequate compensation to the families of both laborers. At the same time, the DCP said that General Manager of Banquet Hall, Amir Khan, Housekeeping Manager Rahul and Banquet Hall owner Jimmy Arora have been taken into custody and they are being questioned.

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Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni
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