Delhi: Ankesh who expelled Kuldeep Fazza from GTB hospital made big revelations, conspiracy was hatched abroad

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Ankesh, who drove away Kuldeep Fazza from GTB Hospital in Delhi (Delhi), made many big revelations in front of the police. He told that a conspiracy to drive away Kuldeep was hatched abroad.

Rogue kuldeep faja

In the case of an encounter in the capital Delhi’s GTB Hospital on Thursday afternoon, the crook, who was caught by the police, made many big revelations in the police’s interrogation. The entire conspiracy to drive the accused Kuldeep alias Fajja from the custody of the police was hatched abroad. The captured crook was identified as Ankesh.

Around 12.30 pm on Thursday afternoon, the infamous crook Kuldeep was brought from the Mandoli jail at GTB Hospital in Delhi for medical examination by the Third Battalion. Meanwhile, in the hospital, 5 of Kuldeep’s companions were already ambushed in Scorpio car and bike to rescue him and after seeing Kuldeep, his companions first threw chilli powder on the police team to free Kuldeep and then started firing. I did it The police retaliated in which one miscreant was killed, while the other was shot and Kuldeep escaped from the spot during this encounter.

A gangster sitting in Bangkok hatched a conspiracy

The crook Ankesh made many big revelations in front of the police. According to police sources, Ankesh has told that the conspiracy to drive away Kuldeep was hatched by a gangster sitting in Bangkok. The gangster’s name is Kala Rana. Kala Rana had spoken to Kuldeep over the phone, in which Kuldeep had informed him about his illness and also told when he would be brought to GTB Hospital and on the information given to Kuldeep, he was planned to run away. .

Bishnoi’s gang used to act like a crook Ankesh

The crook, who was caught after the encounter, has told that in 2011, he had met Mav Kuldeep in Tihar Jail. After this, these people started working for Bishnoi’s gang. He told that Kala Rana was also an active member of the Bishnoi gang and in the year 2019, seeing the opportunity, he left Bangkok and started issuing orders to his henchmen from there.

Rana made a call to Ankesh

A while back Rakesh was called by Ankesh and Kuldeep was also added to the same call. After this, the conspiracy started to get Kuldeep out of jail. Nowadays Kuldeep was an active member of the Gogi gang and many cases including murder have been registered on it. Kuldeep is a resident of Naya Boss village in outer Delhi.

Gangster Kala Rana hails from Haryana

Kala Rana, sitting in Bangkok, is a resident of Yamuna Nagar Haryana, a notorious crook who has about 2 dozen cases of murder, attempt to murder, robbery and a reward of Rs 2 lakh for his arrest.

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Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni
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