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Thursday, October 21, 2021

COVID was positive yet went to the wedding, served food to people, now 30 people turned positive from the same wedding

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Due to the growing havoc of the Corona epidemic, millions of people are falling into the virus everyday and thousands are losing their lives across the country. The country’s health system is deteriorating due to the increasing number of infected people. Even in such a situation, people are not being cautious. A similar incident has come out from Madhya Pradesh where many other people have lost their lives due to the negligence of one person.

Not caring people

The testimony of how dangerous the coronavirus is, they are giving cremation grounds all over the country where people are not even able to find a place for their last rites. Even in such a situation, people are not taking Corona rules seriously. The incident is from Luharguva village in Niwari district of Madhya Pradesh. A wedding ceremony was held here during the Corona period. The life of the guests who came to bless the bride and groom at the wedding ceremony and enjoyed the wedding came to an end when a corona-infected person roamed the entire wedding without restraint. This person was corona infected for the last eight days, but he kept this thing hidden from all. During this time he roamed the entire village in general and attended this wedding ceremony.

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Kept dancing with corona


On April 27, a 24-year-old youth from Luharguva village in the Prithvipur police station area was found to be Corona positive. According to the rules, it should have been isolated in the house soon after receiving the report, but it did not happen. No one was informed about it. The young man got strengthened by this and without fear, he roamed the entire village without fear.

The extent was reached when this young man started serving food to everyone at a village wedding on 29 April. The next day, on 30 April, this young man also attended the procession. Knowing that he is corona infected, he danced fiercely with everyone and also took pictures on stage during the Varmala.

Even after returning from the procession, he did not realize his mistake and wandered across the village again. The negligence of the youth came to the fore when people started falling ill. After this, the crowd of investigators started increasing in the investigation center. 60 people got corona tested out of which 30 people were found to be corona infected. After the increase in the case, a case has been registered by the police on three people including the young man who spread the infection.

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People had to suffer


Due to the negligence of this one person, about three dozen people involved in the wedding ceremony have suffered. All these people have been found to be corona infected and many of them are in critical condition. As soon as the news of the case was received, the district administration put the entire village in the red zone and sealed it. After coming to Red John, now neither one can enter this village nor can anyone go out from here. Barricading has been put on strict vigil on the main roads of the village. At the same time, people are being repeatedly instructed not to leave the houses.

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