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Corona’s havoc: This Indian company, which sells oil and soap, lost 34,918 crore rupees in just one week, know how

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HDFC Bank’s market cap fell to Rs 7,79,671.98 crore from a loss of Rs 7,800.58 crore. While the country’s largest company Reliance Industries also suffered a loss of Rs 18,764.75 crore.

Hindustan Unilever Market Cap

The second web of Corona is proving to be so dangerous that what is common and what is affecting everyone. In hospitals where life has become obedient to oxygen. At the same time, many sectors are still suffering losses. But it is a matter of surprise that in the era of Corona, if something is being sold the most, then it is sanitizer, soap and cleaning items. But the country’s big consumer company that produces oil soap on a large scale. Yes, we are talking about Hindustan Univelor. Due to Corona, this company has suffered a loss of 34,918 crores in just one week.

In fact, the market cap of nine of the top 10 companies of the Sensex fell by Rs 1,33,433.64 crore collectively last week. Hindustan Unilever lost the most during the week and reduced its market cap by Rs 34,914.58 crore to Rs 5,42,292 crore. came.

IT, telecom were also affected

It is not that Corona’s havoc is seen only on the consumer companies. Rather, the market cap of the country’s largest IT company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has also fallen by Rs 30,887.07 crore to Rs 11,50,331 crore during this period. On the other hand, telecom giant Bharti Airtel has also suffered losses. During this period, the company’s market cap has come down by Rs 10,270.09 crore to Rs 2,86,601.44 crore.

The bad condition of these companies

Talking about banking and finance sector, HDFC’s market cap has fallen to Rs 4,50,499.54 crore from a loss of Rs 13,755.09 crore. At the same time, HDFC Bank’s market cap was reduced by Rs 7,800.58 crore to Rs 7,79,671.98 crore. While the country’s largest company Reliance Industries also suffered a loss of Rs 18,764.75 crore. During this time, the market cap of Reliance Industries decreased by Rs 18,764.75 crore to Rs 12,07,283.32 crore.

They also lost including Infosys

Infosys’ market capitalization fell by Rs 7,967.43 crore to Rs 5,68,308.25. Kotak Mahindra Bank’s market valuation declined by Rs 5,995.06 crore to Rs 3,43,907.94 crore and State Bank of India declined by Rs 3,078.99 to Rs 3,00,268.56 crore. However, the market capitalization of the country’s largest private bank ICICI Bank increased by Rs 2,412.18 crore to Rs 3,94,315.01 crore.

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