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Corona will not be in crisis, people’s jobs, many big companies are taking out bumper recruitments

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In the Corona crisis, employees are afraid of going to work. However, according to Global Human Resource Company Randstad, the situation is different from last time. This time many big companies are hiring.

Large companies are taking out recruits (indicative photos)

Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, most companies are opting for work from home. Meanwhile, the employees are fearing that their job may not be endangered like last time. But many big companies including Global Human Resource Company Randstad India have rejected this. They say there is immense employment opportunities in other sectors, including tech companies, which is why big companies are taking out bumper recruitment.

This time people’s jobs will not go. According to Paul DuPuis, managing director and CEO at Randstad India and current CFO Vishwanath PS, in a conversation with Moneycontrol, the pace of hiring will continue despite Corona’s case growing. There are reasons behind this such as temperry staffing in technology companies. DuPuis says that there was a complete ban on hiring in April last year, but this time its speed is normal. Frequent vacancies are being removed.

Getting hiring in Randstad

DuPuis says, “Business is going normal. We are hiring in all sectors in both permanent and temporary employment. ” Explain that there are about 65,000 temporary contract workers including other employees working in the company, but none of the employees have been fired during the Corona period.

Opportunity in all sectors except travel and hospitality

The worst impact during the Corona crisis has been on the travel and hospitality sector. People are not traveling for fear of infection. At the same time, due to increasing number of patients, the medical field is in bad condition. In such a situation, there is a lot of potential to move forward in all the other areas except these two sectors. Vishwanath says, “Companies are assuming that digital presence is important. Due to this, investment is being made in digital. Looking at the possibilities of the future, technology companies are hiring temporary staff. Apart from this, there is bumper hearing in education technology, pharmaceutical, healthcare and insurance too. ”

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