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Corona Home treatment: If you claim through WhatsApp bill, there will be trouble, so keep these things in mind

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Insurance companies can refuse WhatsApp bill and doctor consultation if you are getting home treatment due to corona.

Insurance companies are refusing to accept the WhatsApp bill.

When the situation became uncontrollable due to Corona, on the orders of the government, IRDAI asked the insurance companies to cover home treatment as well. The government is constantly appealing that if you are partially affected due to corona, then instead of going to the hospital, get treatment done at home. Claims from insurance companies can also be availed if needed.

If you are taking advantage of home treatment at home due to corona and doctor sends you prescriptions on WhatsApp, then it can become a problem for you. Because the insurance companies can refuse it on making a claim. In the initial cases, hospitalization was necessary. Later this rule was changed.

whatsapp bill not paid

Under this, home treatment was included and the Corona Special Corona Kavach Policy was launched. Various types of tests, doctor’s consultation fees, medicine bills were included under home treatment. Due to social distancing, doctor’s prescriptions, pharmacy bills are being shared with the help of WhatsApp. However, insurance companies are refusing to accept the WhatsApp bill.

Cashless facility denied

In the midst of Corona Crisis, many hospitals are also refusing to provide cashless facility to Corona patients. This problem had caught the attention of both Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and IRDAI. Later, the matter reached the Delhi High Court and the court had asked the insurance companies to complete the procedures within 60 minutes. IRDAI does not regulate hospitals, so many times patients have to face problems.

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