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Commendable decision of the government, there will not be a positive report to be admitted to the COVID facility

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After the increasing havoc of the corona, there has also been a problem, the patient is not admitted to the COVID Health Facility without seeing the test report. No matter how serious the condition is, it is not possible to admit patients in these centers without a corona positive report, but now this rule has been changed.

The report will not be needed

Yes, an important decision has been taken by the central government related to the corona epidemic. Under this decision, Corona positive report will not be necessary to be admitted to the COVID facility. The government has taken this step in view of the serious condition of the patients. As soon as it is implemented, treatment of patients suffering from corona infection will be started immediately.

Central government gave instructions to all hospitals

This instruction has been issued by the central government to all those private and states and union territories where corona infected patients are looked after. It has been said in the instructions that those corona cases suspected of deterioration should be admitted to the CCC, DCHC or DHC Suspect Ward as soon as possible. After the implementation of these instructions, every patient will get the benefit of services even if they do not have a corona positive report. These services also include oxygen and essential medicines. Along with this, these services will also be available to those patients who have come from other cities.

Patients will be admitted in every situation

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The government has also made it clear that even if a patient does not have a valid identity card, he cannot be denied hospitalization. If the patient is in dire need of treatment, he must be admitted to the hospital. The government also said that before making the recruitment, it should be ensured that those who want to be admitted to the hospital really need it or not. In such a situation, no needy person can get beds, which is not right.

Along with this, the patients are discharged to the hospital https://www.mohfw.gov.in/pdf/ReviseddischargePolicyforCOVID19.pdf But it has to be done according to the revised discharge policy available. Let us know that the government wants to implement these instructions as soon as possible. Therefore, the Health Ministry has asked the Principal Secretaries of States and Union Territories to issue orders and circulars taking these instructions within three days.

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