China stops import of frozen seafood from 6 Indian companies after getting corona virus in packaging

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China has been testing imported cold food products from around the world since early last year.

Import suspended for a week.

China on Thursday suspended the import of frozen marine products from six Indian marine products exporting companies for a week after traces of the corona virus were found in their packing. China has been testing imported cold food products from around the world since early last year. It has been suspending imports from companies from time to time after traces of the virus were found in the package.

China’s customs administration said in a press release that since the virus was found on packages of six companies’ marine products, their import would be suspended for a week. China largely controlled the spread of the corona virus, which first surfaced in its Wuhan in December 2019, with strict measures. However, even now some cases of COVID-19 keep coming up in the country, for which the Chinese government mostly blames people coming from abroad.

China’s National Health Commission said on Thursday that six cases of COVID-19 were reported at the local level. These cases came to light in its southern Guangdong province, while on Wednesday 15 cases were reported to have come from abroad. However, there is a wide debate about the origin of the corona virus. Some scientists and politicians are saying that there is a possibility of this dangerous virus leaking from the laboratory itself.

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Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni
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