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careful! Airtel and Vodafone customers are becoming victims of fraud through this one message, stay safe like this

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When such messages are coming to the users, it is being said that it is from the customer care side and users will have to call them.

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As digital payments are increasing, online scams are also increasing. Many people became victims of online fraud in the Corona epidemic. Airtel CEO Gopal Vittal recently warned all telecom operators to avoid cyber frauds. He had clearly said that hacking is happening a lot these days, so stay away from OTP scams. Security researchers have also said that users’ data is being leaked through apps.

Telecom operators are now getting many messages related to KYC verification. It is clearly written in these messages that, if these users do not complete KYC, then their number will be closed within 24 hours. Airtel, Vodafone and Jio users are getting more such messages.

These kind of messages are coming

When such messages are coming to the users, it is being said that it is from the customer care side and users will have to call them. Many users have also put information about this fraud message on Twitter. Users are easily able to identify this type of message here because they mostly include spelling mistakes and other mistakes. Even the name of the company is misspelled.

Let us tell the users here that if the telecom companies inquire about KYC, then it is done through the official channel and not from any unknown number. In such a situation, users have to pay attention that, if any link or number comes to them, then they should not pay attention to it at all.

stay safe like this

Let us tell you that in this case, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has started sending warning messages to the users here. In such a situation, if anything like this comes to you, then do not click on it by mistake. All these links are false and this is done to trap you. So always be alert and keep getting information by calling the company’s official app or customer care number.

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