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Byju’s list of 100 most influential companies in the world, won the title in this category

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Byju’s company promoting digital education has made it to the list released by Time magazine. The company has made a special place in a very short time.


Indian company Byju’s has succeeded in making its place in the list of 100 most influential companies in the world released by Time magazine. Byjuz has contributed significantly in promoting digital education. The company has made a special place in a very short time. Due to this contribution, it has got a place in Time magazine.

Byju’s has been included in the category of companies capable of revolutionizing the market. It includes big companies like Tesla, Huawei, Shopify, Air BNB. Time magazine has released such a list for the first time.

Byju’s important role in digital education

Byju’s company has played an important role in promoting digital education. This is the second Indian company to be included in this list of Time magazine. Byju’s WhiteHat Jr., an app that teaches coding to children. And has successfully acquired Akash Educational Services, one of the largest coaching institute companies in the country. With this, the company also bought Silicon Valley Educational Gaming Company Osmo in 2019.

Byju’s to become the most valuable startup

Byju’s is playing an important role in improving online education in India. The company is raising about $ 150 million from UBS Group AG. It is believed that this funding will make Byju’s most valuable startup in India. This company was started by Baiju Ravindran. In the last few years it has carved a distinct identity in the country.

Jio also got a place in the list

Apart from Bijuz, Ambani’s company Jio has also found a place in Time magazine. It has been chosen in the category of innovators. It has been paired with companies such as Zoom, Adidas, TicketLock, IKEA, Moderna and Netflix.

According to a magazine report, Jio, the company of India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani, had raised an investment of about $ 20 billion in the Corona period last year. In this, investment funds were collected from companies like Facebook, Google and Silver Lake. This investment of Jio is considered to be one of the biggest foreign direct investment deals in the history of the country.

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