Bye did 9 to 5 jobs, Passion to Hi! Earns 7 lakh rupees every year by selling tea

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Ankit Nagvanshi, a resident of Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, was working as a software engineer in Mumbai, a few years ago, away from his home. Ankit had a job of 9 to 5, besides, he had to travel 13 kilometers daily to go to office, which would take many hours. Here, his annual income was eight lakh rupees. But, Ankit was bored with this run-of-the-mill life. Therefore, in the year 2019, he quit the job and returned to Chhindwara. Because of this one right decision, today, after just two years, Ankit’s life has changed completely. 30-year-old Ankit no longer has to work for hours, in a kind of routine. Now he runs his ‘Tea Business’.

Ankit is earning about 60 thousand rupees every month from this business. Also, he has given employment to two more people. He says that this change did not come because of circumstances, but he chose it himself. He is very satisfied with his new business, ‘Engineer Chaiwala’ and is very proud of it.

Moving towards your passion

Hot Tea and Spicy Poha

After leaving the job, Ankit wanted to start his own restaurant. But, they neither had the means nor the experience to run it. He thought of starting at a small level and started Tea Business.

Ankit Told BusinessLend, “In India, almost all people drink tea and many people drink tea several times a day. I thought it was an attractive opportunity and at the same time, it required less investment. If I succeed in the tea business, then I can move forward in the food sector. ”

A few years ago, Ankit lost his parents. He spoke with his sister and other family members about quitting the job and starting a tea business. But, Ankit’s decision did not like him much.

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His sister Roshni says, “We knew he wanted to start a business. He was also constantly researching possible options. However, we did not like his idea of ​​selling tea. Also, it was a difficult decision for him as well. But, we decided to support his decision. ”

Ankit agrees with his family’s thinking. He says, “Who would want to make their relative a chaiwala?” Tea business is not considered a respectable job. But, I assured them that this is just the beginning and one day I will have a restaurant of my own. ”

Research was done in different parts of India

tea business by engineer chaiwala
Customer choice ‘Engineer Chaiwala’ tea

To compete with other tea vendors in the city, Ankit decided to make his tea somewhat differently.

Ankit says, “I traveled all over India including Jaipur, Pune, Amritsar and Delhi to learn about the various teas and the process of drinking them. Tea making is not rocket science, but your business model should be strong so that different types of teas can be sold and the taste is such that customers stay connected with you and prefer to drink your own tea every time. I realized that desi tea made from ginger, basil, peppermint and other herbs was popular among customers. I decided to make the masala with some secret ingredients (standing spices and herbs). After preparing this mixture, I started my tea business on 14 August 2020. ”

He said that a certain amount of these ingredients are added to the tea. For a precise and definite time, these ingredients are added to the tea and boiled, which helps to bring out the finest flavors of the tea.

Ankit says that he expected to start the business in February 2020 itself. However, the Corona epidemic delayed the start of business. He says, “After the lockdown was relaxed, I hired a cart on the side of the road. I started with Masala Tea, Immunity Tea and South Indian Filter Coffee. ”
Ankit says that he had to change places because, the contestants did not take his presence well. He eventually chose a place where no other businessmen could ask him to leave the place.

Ankit gets around 400 customers every day, which gives him a profit of two thousand rupees. A cup of tea costs 8 rupees and coffee costs 15 rupees. He says, “I have also recently included Poha in the menu. My plan is to build a permanent store soon, instead of doing business on the hand. However, I am still taking into consideration and analyzing the likes and dislikes of the customers. ”

tea business by engineer chaiwala
Making hammeet tea

Harish Kumar Vishwakarma, a customer at Engineer Chaiwala, says, “Ever since the tea stall has opened, I have drank all kinds of tea here. But, I am very fond of immunity tea. It is refreshing and even my friends like it very much. The name ‘Engineer Chaiwala’ written on the board of the restaurant also attracts a lot of new customers. ”

Ankit’s sister Roshni says that after completing her MBA, she will support her brother in expanding the business. She says, “We support him in every way and even take care of business in his absence.”

Ankit, who is constantly working hard to get ahead in the food business, says, “I will add more snacks to my menu in the coming days.” I believe that I am moving in the right direction. Also, I hope that I will achieve my goal soon. ”



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