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By explaining to people about Corona, this government department taxed 164 crores, know how

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According to the company’s statement, during the Covid 19 Pandemic, the company met the needs of the country in a very short time and introduced drugs that increase immunity in the market.

AYUSH Mantralay

The second phase of the Corona epidemic is moving rapidly towards its peak. Although what happened to the economy of the country even in the first phase, but there was a panic in the whole world. In the midst of all this, the Government of India has been explaining to the people in every way from time to time how to prevent from this disease or what to do in case of corona, and in all these, the Ministry of AYUSH has played an important role.

Actually, this ministry has made the citizens of the country aware through its app and other ways to fight this disease.
Indian Medicine Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited (IMPCL), a government sector unit under the Ministry of AYUSH, has done a record Rs 164 crore business in 2020-21. The Ministry of AYUSH said that the company registered a profit of about Rs 12 crore, so far the highest. Before this, the company had done a business of Rs 97 crore in 2019-20.

Aayush products became the choice of the people

According to a company statement, this increase shows the increasing acceptance of AYUSH products and services among people amid the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic. The World Health Organization recently recommended 18 Ayurvedic products of IMPCL for WHO GMP / COPP certification with some observations.

Such increased demand

According to the company’s statement, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company met the country’s needs in a very short time and introduced drugs that increase immunity in the market. The price of one such kit is Rs 350, which is available on Amazon. Nearly two lakh kits have been sold in the last two months. In fact, the quality of the products of the Ministry of AYUSH, IMPCL, has been praised abroad. Which will also help the company in exports. IMPCL is the most trusted manufacturer of AYUSH drugs. In fact, in the last one year, the reach of the Ministry of AYUSH has increased in the people because the company has extended the reach of its app to the villages of the country. The benefit of which has also been seen on the company’s products. Now that the second stan of Corona is coming to a peak, the AYUSH ministry has again tightened its back.

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