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Book train tickets cheaply with SBI card, along with 10 lakh rail accident insurance is also available.

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The name of this SBI card is IRCTC SBI Credit Card Premier. On this card, you get a welcome benefit of 2000 rupees.

Complimentary insurance cover is also available on this card.

The country’s largest public sector bank SBI is giving you the opportunity to book train tickets cheaply. In this article, you are going to tell about one such card of State Bank which is very useful. If you travel continuously, you can use them well. IRCTC and SBI have tied up for this.

The name of this SBI card is IRCTC SBI Credit Card Premier. The annual fee of this card is 1499 rupees and it has to be renewed every year. On this card, you get a welcome benefit of 2000 rupees. You get 1500 Reward Points by taking this card, the value of which is equal to 1500 rupees. They can be used at the time of booking tickets. 10% cashback will be available for booking tickets on IRCTC website or app. Talking about Reward Points, you will get 3 Reward Points for spending 125 rupees on Utility and Dining. In a year, if there is a travel cost of 50 thousand rupees then 2500 reward points, if you spend up to 1 lakh rupees then 5000 reward points are available.

Insurance cover up to 50 lakhs

Complimentary insurance cover is also available on this card. Rail accident insurance is available for 10 lakh rupees. During an air travel accident, you get 50 lakh rupees. There is a cover of up to 1 lakh rupees if there is some kind of fraud. Apart from this, there is no 1% transaction charge for booking train tickets from IRCTC website. There is no charge of 1.8 per cent for booking air tickets.

How to make a card?

You can make this card of IRCTC by visiting the official website of SBI Card. If you already have a credit card of SBI, then you will benefit greatly. You can apply for this online, after which the bank representative will talk to you and you can also ask your questions. At the same time, if you get a premium card, then you get many benefits.

Other benefits and late fines

Talking about other benefits, cash advance facility is available up to 80 percent of the credit limit. 12000 rupees can be used daily. There is no charge during the credit period. Thereafter, a monthly charge is levied at the rate of 3.35 per cent, which starts from the day of withdrawal. Talking about late payment, the late fee will be 950 rupees for payment from 10 thousand to 25 thousand rupees, and 1100 rupees from 25 thousand to 50 thousand rupees, and 1300 rupees will be collected as late fee for more than 50 thousand.

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