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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Bitcoin goes up, price crosses $ 62,000, investors benefit

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Bitcoin prices increased due to the investment of investors. Experts had already indicated the rise in it. On Tuesday, its price was recorded at $ 62,575.


The second wave of Corona may be witnessing upheavals in the stock market, but in the meantime, cryptocurrency continues to set new records. On Tuesday, there was a strong jump in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Its price has reached beyond $ 62,575. In such a situation, those investing in it are benefiting a lot.

According to experts, after the announcement of $ 1.9 trillion financial aid to US President Joe Biden, the global market has seen a boom. This is also the reason behind the surge in bitcoin. Bitcoin has been steadily strengthening its hold in the market for some time. Due to which it remains the first choice of investors. A year ago, where its price was just $ 5000, now it has broken all records.

There were signs of increase

It may be noted that some time ago, given the increase in the market cap of cryptocurrencies, experts had indicated the increase in bitcoin prices. Experts had said that if its price remains above $ 53,000, then its market cap will remain above $ 1 trillion. This will be a big record in itself. With the increasing investment of people in bitcoin, this thing is seen to be happening in the right way.

Market cap reached 2 lakh crore

It is to be known that recently there was a big jump due to heavy investment in the cryptocurrencies of the investors. Its market cap had reached beyond 2 trillion dollars, which was its highest ever. The world’s most popular cryptocurrency bitcoin (Bitcoin) has also played an important role in this increase in the market cap of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was trading 1.4 per cent higher at $ 59,045.

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