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Big relief to pensioners, now life certificate will be made without Aadhaar, Post office is coming home

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Now the requirement of Aadhaar card for Digital Life Certificate has been abolished. Post office is providing this facility at home

Now the imperative of Aadhaar card has also been done away with.

Life certificate is very important if you get pension. Every year it has to be deposited. If it is delayed, then the pension is withheld. Previously, pensioners had to visit the bank or post office for this. Digital Life Certificate facility was introduced for some time after which the bank and the post office were relieved. However, the elders were still facing problems regarding the imperative of Aadhaar Card.

Now the imperative of Aadhaar card has also been done away with. In fact, the government was being compelled that due to Aadhar imperative, it is difficult to prepare a life certificate in a digital way. Many pensioners had complained that finger print and retina detection is not being done correctly due to which digital life certificate is not being prepared. Now Aadhaar has been made voluntary. For this, the government issued a notification at the end of March. On March 18, a notification was issued by the IT ministry.

India continues to produce life certificate after coming to the post office

India Post is providing doorstep digital life certificate to the elderly. This facility is available to both customers and non-customers of India Post Payment Bank. Pensioners will have to submit a request to their nearest post office. This can be done by clicking on the Post Info mobile app or https://ccc.cept.gov.in/ServiceRequest/request.aspx this link.

70 rupees will be charged

The process of digital life certificate will be completely paperless. The certificate is also prepared immediately. Each time a charge of Rs 70 will be charged for generating a life certificate. If you have an account with the post office, then the doorstep charge will be zero.

Read this also, the date of linking PAN with Aadhaar will not be increased anymore, get it dealt immediately or else you will have to pay a fine.

Also read, download this app before investing in Post Office, will give the return on your investment of one rupee.

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