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Big disclosure: These big banks are robbing the poor of the country, 300 crores in the name of services

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A shocking revelation has come out in the study of IIT Bombay. In this study, it has been found that the country’s largest public-sector banks and some big banks are making big money in the name of services from the account of the poor. In this study of IIT Bombay, it has been told that there should be a savings account or a Jan Dhan account. How are these big banks recovering from the poor? Let us know how these big banks of the country are robbing the hard-earned money of the poor in the name of services.

Talking about SBI, the country’s largest public sector bank, this bank has deducted a charge of Rs 17.70 on every withdrawal after every four withdrawals from the account holders of the Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account. According to the report, the country’s largest bank has recovered the entire 308 crore from its 12 crore BSBD account holders in the name of service. Bank has recovered 308 crores in 6 years.

State of Punjab national bank

Not only SBI, the country’s largest public sector bank, Punjab National Bank is also not behind in robbing the money of the poor. The number of BSBD account holders with this bank is 3.9 crore. From which the bank has raised Rs 9.9 crore in the name of services. In fact, these banks deduct a small amount from small accounts of people and customers do not even know.

Violation of RBI rules

In this report of IIT Bombay, it has been said that these big banks are also violating the rules of RBI. According to the report, the name of SBI is the first to violate the rules of RBI. This bank has even charged a charge of Rs 17.70A to customers after four withdrawals in digital transactions.

308 crore recovery in 6 years

Bank Financial Year Amount (in Rupees)

SBI 2015 4.7 Crore
SBI 2016 12.4 Crore
SBI 2017 26.3 Crore
SBI 2018 34.7 Crore
SBI 2019 72 crores
SBI 2020 158 crores

What does the RBI rule

As per RBI rules, no bank can charge any kind of charge on this account as long as the BSBD account i.e. Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account is in the savings account. According to RBI rules, the bank cannot levy any fee on such accounts. Even after four withdrawals, it is not right to charge them.

What do you know

Banking expert Ashwani Rana told TV9 , that many such cases have come not only on such accounts but also on many more accounts. In fact, service charge systems are generated in banks. The banks also periodically refund the wrong charges. If there is a charge in an account by mistake, the account holder should inform the bank so that the bank can reverse it.

Banks also collect money in the name of these charges

  • In the name of a bank statement
  • In the name of checking balance
  • Charge is also charged on mini statement
  • After limit withdrawal
  • Named after Home Branch and Non Home Branch
  • In the name of generating mobile alert or PIN
  • On getting a new ATM card
  • On knowing the status of the check
  • Money transfer charge
  • Card pin reset charge

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