Big announcement of the company among Corona, even after the death of the personnel, full salary for 60 years, housing-medical and children’s education free

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Tata Steel Company Big Announcement: During the era of COVID, many companies have given a little help to the families of their departed personnel, but that may not be long enough. But Tata has made a big announcement.

Big announcement of Tata Steel Company

Tata Steel Company Big Announcement for Employees: Between the second wave of Corona, a lot of people are dying. In this period everyone is understanding what is the sorrow of losing their loved ones. Especially after the death of the earner in the house, the whole family is suffering a mountain of sorrows. How will the house run, how will the education and education of the children, where will the expenses of the daughter’s marriage come from … Many such questions raise the concern of the family many times more.

The central or state government gives pension to the family after the death of its government employees, but who takes care of the employees of the private company! During the time of the epidemic, many national and multinational companies have provided some assistance to the families of their deceased workers, but that may not be enough for the long term.

Tata Steel announced the biggest

Tata Steel Company has made a big announcement for its employees. In the midst of the Corona crisis, employees are still doing duty. There have also been deaths of employees. In such a situation, the company has said that even after the death of the employee, till the completion of 60 years of service, the family will be given full salary. Along with this, housing and medical facility will also be provided. Not only this, the company will also bear the entire expenses of the education of children.

Free medical-accommodation, the company will also pay for graduation

In a circular issued by Tata Steel management, it has been said that the company is taking every possible initiative to help its employees under social security, so that every employee working in the company has a better future. Tata management has said that if an employee dies due to corona, Tata Steel will pay full wages to their dependents for 60 years.

Apart from salary, families of employees will also be provided quarters and medical facilities. Not only this, Tata Steel management has also announced that if the company worker dies while on duty, then the company management will bear the entire expenses of their children’s graduation (in India).

Tata took many steps in the interest of employees

Tata Steel management says that the company has always been thinking towards the benefit of its employees and stakeholders. Even in the era of COVID, Tata Steel is constantly striving for the social welfare of all its employees and the community. Let us tell you that even before this, Tata has taken many steps in the interest of employees and has set an ideal standard.

Tata Steel is the first company in the country to effectively implement 8 hours of work (shift), profit-based bonus of the company, social security, maternity leave, employee provident fund for its employees. It was only after Tata’s initiative that other companies of the country also adopted such criteria.

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Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni is a software engineer with soft writing skills. She is a degree holder from the International School of Entrepreneurial Leadership. She has been a state-level badminton champion and chess player. A woman with a forthright attitude enjoys her writing passion as her chosen career. Writing in the context of feminism, social-cause and entreprenurship is her forte.
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