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Bank Holidays: Deal with all work on Monday, 6 days stay in banks, see list

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According to RBI’s Holiday List, banks will remain closed due to festivals celebrated in different states. Meanwhile, work can also be interrupted due to fall on Saturday and Sunday. Therefore, the important work should be done in advance.

Bank holiday

Due to the second wave of Corona, most people are avoiding going out. But if you have any work related to your bank (bank), then it must be dealt with tomorrow, ie on Monday, because banks can be closed for 6 days due to festivals. According to the bank holidays list of RBI, banks will remain closed from Ambedkar Jayanti to Baisakhi and Bengali New Year.

In the meantime, due to the fall of Saturday, only half a day’s work will be done. Whereas, on the next day, the bank will be closed since it falls on Sunday. However, these festivals are according to different states, so not all banks will be closed on the same day everywhere. Banks in the area where the festival is celebrated will remain closed. So on what day do you have to manage, you can see the list of bank holidays here in detail.

Holiday list

April 13 – Tuesday – Ugadi, Telugu New Year, Bohag Bihu, Gudi Padwa, Vaishakhi, Biju Festival
April 14 – Wednesday – Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti, Birthday of Ashoka the Great, Tamil New Year, Maha Vishuba Sankranti, Bohag Bihu
April 15 – Thursday – Himachal Day, Vishu, Bengali New Year, Sirhul
16 April – Friday – Bohag Bihu
18 April – Sunday
April 21 – Tuesday – Ram Navami, Garia Puja
April 24 – Fourth Saturday
25 April – Sunday – Mahavir Jayanti

See 9 holidays in April

According to the information available on the RBI website, banks in different states of the country will get 9 holidays in the month of April. There will be a holiday for Telugu New Year, Bihu, Gudi Padwa, Baisakhi, Biju Festival and Ugadi etc. on 13 April. So at the same time on 14 April, the banks will be closed for Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti. On April 15, Himachal Day, Vishu, Bengali New Year, Sirhul etc. are being holidays. After this, there will be a holiday for Ramanavami on April 21 and Mahavir Jayanti on April 25. On April 24, there will be a fourth Saturday holiday.

Bank strike is also feared

Bank employees have been continuously expressing their opposition to the privatization of banks on behalf of the government. A meeting was also held recently by the All India Bank Employees Union (AIBEA) against bank privatization. In which the bank employees have been threatened to go on strike for a long time. Even if the bank unions go on strike, all the work can be stopped.

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