Bank Holiday: Tackle all the important work related to the branch today, only 2 days will be opened in the next 10 days.

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OnlineSBI: As you know, banks are closed on the second and last Saturday of the month across the country and hence bank branches will be closed on 27th. Then on sunday 28

Do work related to the bank today!

Is there any urgent work left for the bank branches? Have you deposited money in PPF account, Sukanya Samriddhi account etc. or any other scheme? If you want to make a bank draft, etc., or if you have to dispose of any other work related to the branch, then complete it today. You have only one chance today. Tomorrow i.e. March 27, the functioning of the bank will be very disturbing for the next 10 days.

Let’s assume that you will have a chance for hardly 2 days in the next 10 days, to settle the work related to the bank. In that too, some important work, which has to be disposed of in this financial year i.e. March 31, must be dealt with today. Today is the 26th. There are only 4 days left for the end of the financial year, but the chance is only today. Then the banks will remain closed.

Do not go anywhere!

If you do not complete the work today, then you may be tempted for the next 10 days. For your information, let us know that between 27 March to 4 April 2021, banks will be open for only two days. Therefore, this advice is being given.

As you know, banks are closed on the second and last Saturday of the month across the country and hence bank branches will be closed on 27th. Then it is Sunday on 28 and there is a weekly holiday on this day. After that it is Holi on Monday. In such a situation, Holi will be on 29 March. After Holi, the work will be affected due to the March closing on 31 March. It is being said that the work of customers is not likely to be done on that day.

Banks will be closed continuously in this city

Banks will be closed for 3 consecutive days due to Holi on the fourth Saturday of the month, 27 March, then Sunday 28 March and again on 29th. Talking about Patna, the capital of Bihar, banks will remain closed for four consecutive days there. According to reports, you will not be able to go to the bank branch for your work in Patna on March 30. Then on March 31, due to the March closing, the work will be interrupted.

Banks will not open on April 1-2

Although there is no leave of banks on March 31, but due to March closing on this day being the last day of the financial year, all the customers are not able to pay much attention to the services. Going forward, bank services are going to be affected due to the auditing of banks on April 1. April 2 will be a holiday for Good Friday.

Therefore, it would be better to tackle the necessary work today. After this, all banks will be open on April 3, 2021, but on April 4, it falls on Sunday again. There will be a holiday in banks on this day also. The normal functioning of the bank will start from April 5.

Bank holiday list

बैंक Banks will remain closed due to the second Saturday of March 27.

बैंक Banks will be closed due to Sunday on March 28.

बैंक Bank closed due to Holi on 29 March.

बैंक Patna’s banks will remain closed on March 30, although banks will remain open in other cities.

◆ 31 March, the last day of the financial year, so no public dealing.

पहला 1st day of new financial year on 1st April but busy in bank account closing.

बैंक Banks will be closed on April 2 due to Good Friday.

बैंक The bank will be open on 3 April.

बैंक Bank closed on Sunday, April 4.

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Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni
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