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“Badaka Phatak” Vala Bahubali MLA, convoy of vehicles numbering 786, Robinhood image

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1970s- 80s. Seeing that the country’s largest state UP is lagging behind, the government started many schemes for the development of Purvanchal. But, the opposite happened. The development of criminals started, which resulted in gang war. Under the guise of development, competition started from coal, railways, scrub, liquor to the contractual stake in the land, and where the sound of the machines of the factories was to be heard, there was a buzz of gunfire. From where employment statistics were expected, the gangsters who grew up in the gang and their crimes started counting. The district Ghazipur became a power center in no time. And, the key of this power center reached near ‘Badaka Phatak’.

The history of the house has been as vast as the door of the house, which the child of the city came to know by the name of ‘Badaka Phatak’, the crime file of a person born in that house is not even thinner than that. The people of his city speak Robinhood of the person whose picture comes from searching the don of UP on Google. The man did not go behind bars until he left home with a convoy of about 2 dozen luxury vehicles. Number one of all 786. We are talking about UP MLA Mukhtar Ansari.

There were many youngsters in this convoy of vehicles number 786. But, everyone would have faded in front of Mukhtar Ansari’s personality. Many times, his brother, who has been an MLA and MP, also says without hesitation, ‘My brother has a big deal with me. His glamor quotient is much bigger than us. When we go out of our district, people say that Mukhtar’s brothers have come.

Mukhtar Ansari has been in jail for the last 15 years. But, despite being in jail, he has been elected MLA 3 times. In such a situation, he is reaching the assembly of UP for 4 times. If you look at the pages of newspapers, even today, it will be seen that the so-called man of Mukhtar gang has been arrested. Encounter of a man torn by Mukhtar gang. The miscreant threatened by the mukhtar gang. Meaning that even after being behind bars, his gang is active under the open sky.

According to the affidavit given in the year 2017, 16 cases have been registered against Mukhtar Ansari for murder, attempt to murder, inciting riots, criminal conspiracy, threatening, property grab, fraud, obstructing government work. Before this, many cases have also been resolved. It is said that there are so many cases in which people did not reach the police. Over the years, Mukhtar shifted to different jails and his crime file also became thicker.

Now come again to ‘Badaka Gate’. At Mukhtar’s ancestral home. You must have read tense. period. Past tense. Present tense. Future Tense. So, before going to the owners of this door, you go in three times. Yes, keep Mukhtar Ansari in the center.


1. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari. Freedom fighter fighter. Close to Mahatma Gandhi. President of the Indian National Congress in the year 1926-27. A road in Delhi is named after him. This is Mukhtar Ansari’s grandfather.

2. Brig. Osman. In the war of Navshera in the year 1947, the brave soldiers of the Indian Army. The battle was won by the Indian Army, but Brigadier Usman was martyred. He was awarded the Mahavir Chakra. He was maternal grandfather of Mukhtar Ansari.

3. Hamid Ansari. 12th Vice President of the country. Former Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University. Ambassador of India to many countries. Padma Shri honored. He is an uncle in Mukhtar Ansari’s relationship.


1. Afzal Ansari. MLA from Muhammadabad assembly seat from 1985 to 1996. MP from Ghazipur in 2004. MP from Ghazipur in 2019. 10 years elder brother to Mukhtar Asanari.

2. Mukhtar Ansari. Legislator since 2002. According to the election affidavit submitted in the year 2017, 15 cases of murder, attempt to murder, inciting riots, criminal conspiracy, threatening, grabbing property, cheating, obstructing government work were registered.

3. Sibkatullah Ansari. MLA from Muhammadabad in the years 2007 and 2012. Brother of Mukhtar Ansari.


Abbas Ansari. National shooter. Win shooting competitions in many countries. In the year 2017, the assembly contested from Muhammadabad seat. Got defeated. Recently illegal weapons were recovered from his house in Delhi.

Omar Ansari. Mukhtar’s younger son. Studying abroad

mukhtar ansariMukhtar Ansari

Kamlesh Chaturvedi, a senior journalist who has been reporting crime in Purvanchal for years, says that Mukhtar is said to be a normal college-going student. But, enemies of one of his friends brought him into the world of gerium. After this, Mukhtar started the contract and then the election of elder brother Afzal Ansari. Hostility increased and Mukhtar increased his muscle power.

He says that in the year 1980, a dispute started about a plot in Saidpur. From here, Mukhtar’s feud with Sahib Singh and Brajesh Singh started and it progressed in such a way that the entire Purvanchal came in the grip of this gang war. To increase their supremacy, both groups did what is called a serious crime in the legal language.

The year 1988. Mukhtar’s name came up for the first time in a murder case. The police could not gather any evidence and Mukhtar was acquitted. But, moving from Ghazipur, Mukhtar established his supremacy in Mau, Varanasi, Jaunpur, Bhadohi, Mirzapur.

In the world of crime, the coin of Mukhtar started running. But, Mukhtar wanted to keep himself clean. He made up his mind to wear Khadi and contested the assembly elections in 1996. He got success and now Mukhtar had become MLA Mukhtar.

Senior journalist Jayanarayan says, Mukhtar was a player in childhood. He is as much fond of exercise as he is of eating and feeding. Many people talk about his boy that he is an international shooter, but few people know that Mukhtar’s target is also infallible. Mukhtar had become an MLA, but he was constantly facing challenge from Brajesh Singh. And, this is the entry of Krishnanand Rai here.

Krishnanand Rai was a leader of the BJP and had a good grasp of the top leadership. Ram came out of the temple movement and was eloquent. People used to keep hearing on the forehead in a white-white dhoti-kurta. People joined them fast and it is the result of this that the BJP pitted them against Mukhtar’s elder brother Afzal in the 2002 elections. Krishnanand Rai got the full support of Brajesh Singh faction and he won. The domination of the Ansari family, which had been going on for almost two decades, was broken.

The feud was increasing in Mukhtar and Brajesh gang. Meanwhile, on 29 November 2005, Krishnanand Rai is killed. At this time, Mukhtar Ansari was lodged in jail. However, the Krishnanand family alleged that Mukhtar was also involved in his murder. It is said that this murder took place in the area of ​​Krishnanand Rai. At the place where Krishnanand Rai used to speak.

mukhtar ansariMukhtar Ansari

People stop Krishnanand’s convoy returning from a program on a road from where the car could not turn. This is followed by rapid firing. In this, 7 people including Krishnananda die. It is said that more than 500 bullets were recovered from the spot. Everyone was hit by bullets and everyone died on the spot. Munna Bajrangi is also accused in this.

This incident rocked the entire Purvanchal. The way this incident was carried out, people were in awe. The BJP demanded a CBI inquiry and a big demonstration took place under the leadership of Rajnath Singh. Later, the government accepted the demand and its investigation is still going on. However, an eyewitness of the case was also murdered later.

Mukhtar Ansari’s political innings

It is said that in Ghazipur and Mau only 8-10 percent Muslim vote. In such a situation, Mukhtar wins with the Hindu vote bank. The reason behind this is his social work. Senior journalist Jayanarayan says, no one returns disappointed with the ‘Badka Gate’. Somebody needs food, some needs money, some treatment needs to be done, some education is spent, some dispute is settled, some government work is stopped. All this happens through the Buda Gate. And the people of Mukhtar and Afzal do this. Mukhtar helps everyone. This is the reason that neither the caste equation nor the religious card can run on this seat. People see Mukhtar like a Robinhood.

A separate power of Mukhtar

As long as Mukhtar was out, he lived in a different avtar. He is fond of branded clothes and items. He says I want everything the best. Some people say that they used to have the best weapons too. In many media interviews, he said that he has been implicated. However, he does not deny that he is Bahubali. Some journalists say that even while talking to the media, he used to take out his gun many times and look at it in the same way. It would have been an awe.

All Facilities in jail too

It was alleged that Mukhtar Ansari has also made the jail home. His barrack has all the necessities including TV, fridge. His entire kitchen is set-up. He uses mobiles. With this, he does a liquor party. While the people of Mukhtar say that Mukhtar does not drink even tea, cigarettes, pan-masala. However, later Mukhtar was shifted to another jail and his jail keeps changing from time to time.

Political ups and downs

Mukhtar Ansari’s elder brother Afzal Ansari had been winning elections from the Communist Party for a long time. Mukhtar also won the first independent election. Later he joined BSP. Mayawati used Mukhtar’s Robinhood image as the messiah of the poor. Publicized it a lot as well. In the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, Mukhtar was also given a ticket from Benaras. But, in the year 2010, there was a rift in them. Mayawati expelled Mukhtar from the party, calling her a goon.

mukhtar ansariMukhtar Ansari

Senior journalist Jayanarayan says, Mukhtar had made his land. Now he did not need any party or symbol. Mukhtar forms a party in the year 2012 called Koumi Ekta Dal and wins himself and also wins his brother. Meanwhile, he moves closer to the SP. But, in the year 2017, Akhilesh does not include him in the party and once again Mukhtar wins the election in his own name. However, his son loses the assembly elections in this election.

6 crore betel for murder

The year 2014 was the time for the Lok Sabha elections. Meanwhile, a discussion has taken place that Mafia Brajesh Singh has given a betel nut of 6 crores to kill Mukhtar Ansari. Lumbu Sharma is working for this. After the arrest of Lambu Sharma, this case gained momentum. After this, the security of Mukhtar Ansari was increased. While still going to the court or going to the assembly session, Mukhtar’s security is tightened.

Inputs: www.indiatimes.com

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