Awesome! 8-month pregnant athlete wins gold medal in Taekwondo, a record at the National Sports Festival

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Despite being a pregnant woman athlete, she participated in the National Sports Festival and won the gold medal. She is 8 months pregnant. She is being praised everywhere and people are wondering how she was able to do so.

The name of the athlete is Amint Idres. He has achieved this title in the Mix Pumso category of Tyquando. The National Sports Festival has tweeted it while describing it.

She has not only won the gold in the mixed Pumsaw category, but has also won the silver medal in the female team Pumsaw category. In this category, she also won a bronze medal. He is one of the highest medal winners in this festival.

Talking to CNN, she says, I had decided to try only after training. But, I was feeling better. I used to enjoy training before I became pregnant. In such a situation, there was not much difficulty even during pregnancy.

She says, many people do not understand what is a tycoondo. I think this is an opportunity for people to know about the tycoondo. The taekwondo has two branches. The first Combat Sport and the second Pomsaw. This is a kind of exercise. Only the hands and feet technique is used in this.

She says, I think there was not much risk in it. In such a situation, I decided that I will try. Even my doctor and organizing body proved me fit.

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Mirza Shehnaz
Mirza Shehnaz
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