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Andhra Pradesh government has allowed to buy limousine cars for high court judges, this is the price

The Andhra Pradesh High Court currently has 19 judges including a Chief Justice and a Registrar General. ‘Limousine’ is for their use only.

Andhra Pradesh High Court.

The Andhra Pradesh government has given permission to purchase ‘limousine’ (car) to use the judges of the High Court. The state government has also given permission for the purchase of 20 ‘Kia Carnival Premium’ vehicles worth six and a half crores on Thursday night. A ‘limousine’ costs 31.50 lakh rupees. Just hours after writing a letter to the Registrar General of the High Court, he gave permission and allocated an additional budget of Rs 6.30 crore for this.

The Andhra Pradesh High Court currently has 19 judges including a Chief Justice and a Registrar General. This ‘limousine’ is for their use only. Sources said that despite the lack of funds, the government decided to exempt the High Court. Directives were given for this from the Chief Minister’s office.

Germany’s luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has launched the most awaited A-Class limousine in India. The starting price of the A-Class limousine is 39.90 lakh rupees (ex-showroom). An eight-year warranty is being given on the engine and transmission of the A-Class limousine. The company introduced it in Greater Noida last year. The company has introduced both its petrol and diesel variants.

Know what is a limousine?

Limousine is a class of cars and these cars are made by ordering. These are prepared by ordering according to the customer’s requirement. If a customer has a separate demand, then changes can be made accordingly. Limousine cars are customized according to luxury. The American Dream is said to be the longest limousine car in the world, customized by car designer Jay Ohrberg. The American Dream is about 100 meters in length.

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