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After the decision of privatization, IDBI Bank will now change, more focus will be on the common man

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If you look at the data of IDBI Bank, the corporate and retail ratio of the bank has been 38: 62 till March 2021. Which used to be 40: 60 till three years ago.

IDBI bank

After the government approved the privatization of IDBI Bank, IDBI Bank will now be completely changed. According to a report by Business Line, after privatization, the focus of IDBI Bank will now be on the retail business and not on the corporate. Actually the bank is now trying to focus on retail customers. Till now, IBI has been known more for the services of corporate banking. But now the bank is preparing for its transformation phase.

In a report by Business Line, the bank’s deputy MD has made it clear that IDBI Bank is now moving from corporate to retail banking. Actually people believed that the focus of this bank is more corporate, but according to the data, now the bank is increasing the focus on retail customers.

What the figures say

If you look at the bank’s figures, the corporate and retail ratio of the bank has been 38: 62 till March 2021. Which used to be 40: 60 till three years ago. Its opinion is that now the bank is focusing only on 38 percent corporate customers. While 62 percent focus is on retail customers. The bank is soon working on furthering this ratio. The bank is working on a plan to increase its retail book from 55 to 60 per cent.

Disinvestment has been approved

The Union Cabinet has recently approved the strategic disinvestment of IDBI Bank. After this there will be many changes in the bank. The government holds 45.48 per cent and LIC holds 49.24 per cent in this bank. In such a situation, if the government has more than 94 percent stake in IDBI Bank, directly and indirectly. Actually, the bank is now fully preparing to enter into competition with private banks. For this, banks are going to change their strategy further.

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