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A touching picture from Brazil, Corona came to accompany the patient “God’s hand”

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Corona has regained momentum around the world. This time the virus is spreading twice as fast in many countries including India. In the last 24 hours, more than 1.5 lakh cases have been reported in India again. Something similar is the case with Brazil, here too, up to 90 thousand cases of COVID are being reported every day.

Like last time, the pressure has increased on the health system of all countries. Teams of doctors and health workers are continuously working. Meanwhile, a picture came from Brazil which made people emotional.

To support a COVID patient here, the health workers put the surgical gloves in such a way that they are on one’s hands. These workers filled the gloves with hot water to give warmth to the human touch. People are calling it ‘Hand of God’ i.e. ‘Hand of God’.

We know that due to corona, the person living in isolation eats the most loneliness. People who talk with them at home still live, but in hospitals patients become completely alone.

According to Globo, this photo is of the Emergency Care Unit of Villa Prado, a hospital in São Paulo. To ease the suffering of a corona patient, it has been created by nurse technician Semei Arujo. The nurse put two gloves in the hand of this female patient with hot water.

This picture is not only winning the hearts of the people, but it is also showing how big a human touch is.

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